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capt. Forestzombie
19th Nov 2003, 15:10
Dose anyone know how to earn any mini games?:confused:

19th Nov 2003, 16:14
Anaconda: finish siberia storylevel on easy
Astrolander: " Neo Tokyo Storylevel on normal
Retroracer: " Robot factory story level on hard.
You don't actually need to finish the levels. You will find the minigamecartridges while playing through the level.

capt. Forestzombie
19th Nov 2003, 18:47
At least someone knows:)

19th Nov 2003, 22:15
By using the "search" button located at the top right of the screen, you can find several threads on these boards covering these very questions.. I find it to be a very handy feature, shame no-one seems to be bothered with it..

17th Jan 2004, 01:22
how do you actually play the mini game...I picked up the cartridge in NeoToyko and thought I could play it after I finished the level...do I have to stay in the level to play it??

27th Jan 2004, 20:32
hit start go to the inventory page and click on the game to play it:D

28th Jan 2004, 14:29
Originally posted by andyh
hit start go to the inventory page and click on the game to play it:D

I assume by your signature that you have Timesplitters 2 for Gamecube, so I don't know how things go on the cube. On the PS2 however, you get out your temporal uplink (radar thingie) and hit the reload button. The screen moves in on it and you go to the mini game menu.