View Full Version : Warren Spector Quote; He prefers console interfaces (old news)

19th Nov 2003, 14:27
I believe this was a quoute about DX2, but it might be the ps2 version of DX.

Warren spector: "PC guys don't want to hear this, but we actually did just do a console game and we spent a lot of time working on the interface. And I look back on the PC version of Deus Ex and think 'what were we thinking, a dozen game screens?' We have a health screen and an augmentation screen and an inventory screen and a note screen and a goal screen and a map screen and a this screen and a that screen and we all screen for ice cream, it was stupid!"

19th Nov 2003, 14:36
I don't think it says that he prefers console interfaces. I get the impression that he prefers less complicated interfaces. That does not automatically translate to less complicated=console. It just means that because they were forced to simplify the interface for a console, he realized that the PC version was unnecessarily complex.

19th Nov 2003, 14:38
Once again MaxxQ beats me to the post. :D

19th Nov 2003, 14:51
I read that, it WAS a quote about the PS2 version. also, it is from an oooold interview

19th Nov 2003, 14:54
maxxq, I am aware of that. I used the term console interface in the same way the anti console members of this forum do.