View Full Version : my self-proclaimed best extra possible to LOK:D (CD, Please do this....)

19th Nov 2003, 08:46
An extra mode available after you beat the game, like an endless supply of enemies, that get progressivley harder and harder. Also a timer to show how long you lasted. In other words, a survival mode. This would have been easily implemented as a cool extra that would add much replay value...

I mean the battle system is so cool that i find myself playing throught the game a second time!

here's a FYI about my playing habbits:

I am always the FIRST person to tire from a game. I bore VERY quickly. Even the BEST of games have had me playing through the second half as a CHORE, not for fun. It is just my personality, I guess, but no game has been able to keep me completley in the "gotta hurry and play ... must not eat, sleep, or use the bathroom... eyes-glued.. i'm addicted.." kinda zone for the whole experiance. Somewhere along the way i get like "cmon lets get to the end already.. damn didnt i DO THIS already...".

In other words, the great storyget me through the first play through, but the awsome gameplay keeps me coming back for more...

CD, maybe you can release an expansion thet installs on the HD (like the DOA3 expansion) that comes with the XBOX magazine or something. (or maybe even sell it for like 10 bucks at gamestop) but PLEASE PLEASE implement this... and I dont want to have to wait until the next instalment to get it...

P.S. Cant you tell I got the XBOX version... lol

19th Nov 2003, 12:32
Yeah, they could call it the bloody palace! Defiance was supposed to be DMC3 after all.

Duckman Drake
19th Nov 2003, 14:06
(steals the MUCH overused sarcasm tags and throws them out the window)

Actually, doesn't sound like a half bad idea. I had fun with the different Reaver powers, it might not hurt to have a little sub challenge to supplement the main story (kinda like Endurance mode from Rouge Squadron 2). Sounds like fun.

19th Nov 2003, 14:17
can anyone say EUROPE EXCLUSIVE EXTRA?!!!!!