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19th Nov 2003, 00:28
This has probably come up before, and there's just about no chance that my wishes will be realized, but...

DX was to have a whole bunch of missions that would have provided maybe a hundred hours of gameplay. This, of course, is not what was shipped. Certain levels (the White House mission, for one) were scrapped after being created. Is there any chance that these will be released? Ever? Please?

24th Nov 2003, 05:47
Really?! They should include them in some Ultra-Deus-Ex-Mega-Pack (DX + DX2 + extras) or something!

24th Nov 2003, 15:20
I would like it a lot if they released it. but I guess these levels were scrapped before they even thought of designing them, so it's higly improbable they will be released one day.

unless of course modders decide to make them, but it would take time and I doubt they could make something as complete as an official DX level

25th Nov 2003, 07:23
Wow, were there really missions that got made then cut?

Hell I'd play through the whole game again if they patched it to put the new missions into the game.

Then again, it'd be hard to build on the perfection of the game, so I'm a little wary of that....

29th Nov 2003, 05:10
I read they were thinking about sending JC to the moon even. Also San Antonio, which would've been cool since that's where I live.

1st Dec 2003, 08:39
a sneaking mission onthe moon would be fun. with a different gravity, you could reach new hiding places, jump directly on the second floor, etc (do you imagine the effect of improved speed/jumping with low gravity?)

meeshka skwoz
1st Dec 2003, 16:36
ahhh the sweetness that would be-such a thing being released.

1st Dec 2003, 17:40
no wonder you get to read about all the moon mining activities all over the game