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18th Nov 2003, 20:31
There is a glitch in Defiance that has been alluded to a few times in the Eidos forums as well as the message boards at gamefaqs.com.

As of yet there has been no official response from Eidos regarding the glitch or any ways discovered in bipassing it.
The glitch is as follows:

After obtaining the second spear in Vorador's mansion there has been difficulty as to were to go next. If one goes into the mansion via the stain glass window at the entrance, their path is blocked on the inside of the mansion by an impassable door that would otherwise lead out of the foyer. The other way to get back into the mansion is also inaccessable. There is a grate one can phase through to enter the house on the right side balcony of the court yard, the same way you come into the courtyard before getting the second spear. The problem is, the grate is too high to get to.

For more info you can check the chapter 8 Defiance help forum, especially Raiff's posts.

Some have resolved to restart their games, and I could do the same but I worry about it happening again. I just wonder if this is a coincidental glitch or if something is wrong with my copy of the game.

If any one else has this problem it would be great to address it here and try to get help or some insight from Eidos.

18th Nov 2003, 23:03
I'm assuming you're talking about the very front door? As opposed to the glass window in the garden area?

For me, I went in through the original way (over the top of the blocked front door) I didn't experience any blockage. Infact there was no change between the many other times I went through that way.

If you save and reload is it still there? How about if you let yourself get killed?

Twice through the game and I've only had once falling through the floor and once got a stuck camera that wouldn't switch. Both were fixed by a save and a reset.

18th Nov 2003, 23:08
I thought you got to the grate by floating from one side of the balcony to the other?

19th Nov 2003, 02:04
What is a foyer? I never had trouble with the front window in Vorador's the first time around. Besides that, you don't need to go out there (although I did plenty of times) when you are looking for the 3rd Spear.

Besides that, the grate you phase out through is on one side, while there is an open door on the other. If you have the first 2 spears then you should've already gone through that whole pillar jumping to get to the other side's roof from where you come out of the grate.

19th Nov 2003, 14:28
Haven't got that far yet, but here is a rather humorous abnormality I encountered. I don't think it would spoil anything other than the location, so,

ch.5, Kain just walks past the pillars after the cinematic. I am climbing onto the second pillar, the one with the spectral symbol, when I pull a sarafan warrior onto kain using tk. The warrior pummels kain right into the pillar thus kain is forever cememted into the pillar until I reset. Not huge and it did not upset me as I save often, but it was rather funny. All you could see was kains white hair sticking out of the pillar while the enemies left above on the ledge look on dumbfounded seeming to say "where did he go George, da where did he go?"