View Full Version : Newbie looking for audio

18th Nov 2003, 19:20
I'm looking for ANY audio file with the ""time crystal located" line.

Thank you

capt. Forestzombie
19th Nov 2003, 19:12
No I don't but I know a place where you can listen to music:

http://timesplittersgame.com (http://www.timesplittersgame.com)

19th Nov 2003, 19:19
haha right.. that's about all I could find.

Just looking for this one line. :)

capt. Forestzombie
19th Nov 2003, 19:22
dunno then grass.

19th Nov 2003, 19:25
That's alright Mr Zombie. Thanks for trying though :)

capt. Forestzombie
19th Nov 2003, 19:28
You want me to surf the web and tell you if I find anything?:rolleyes:

19th Nov 2003, 22:08
Try timesplitters2.net.. They have a good selection of TS2 material. Haven't been there in ages, but I think the site is still up and running.

19th Nov 2003, 22:12
timesplitters2.net is dead. :eek:

capt. Forestzombie
20th Nov 2003, 22:29

21st Nov 2003, 09:58
the site itself is running, though the bloke who owns it changed his domain name.. Unfortunately, I never bookmarked it.. :( I'll see if I can find it, or something similar.. If I do, I'll post a link here... :)

21st Nov 2003, 23:48
Hmm... www.vgmusic.com/ (http://www.vgmusic.com/) has the music from the Anaconda mini-game under GameCube, but that's it...

Captin Snow
22nd Nov 2003, 01:20
TS2 Music and stuff. (http://ts2musicbox.zaliek.com/music.html)

22nd Nov 2003, 11:01
There it iiiiis!! The linky I was looking for! :D http://www.angelfire.com/dragon/ts2/images/forum_pics/bounce.gif