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18th Nov 2003, 14:33
Hello Fans,

I am webmistress of the german Tomb Raider Fansite “Lara’s Generation” (http://www.larasgeneration.de) and I want to ask for your support: We started a project called “Thank you Core Design” in our forums, where anybody can write some sentences to Core Design, saying “Thanks” for all the years they maked us happy with six sensationell Tomb Raider Games. Even if some games were not perfect: We are all fans and Core Design are the creators of Lara Croft. As you know Core Design will not be the producer of the next Tomb Raider game and probably not of any other upcoming Tomb Raider Game.
Please take a look at our project: http://www.webstar-media.de/cgi-bin/forum_v_20/foren/F_15/cutecast.pl?&forum=3&thread=763
As you see everybody has written in english, so it should be no problem for you to take part. On Christmas we will send this Thread to the Core Design Team as a “Christmas surprise”. You can write your statement until the 17th of December. Please let Core Design know, where you come from (e.g. United States/New York or United Kingdom/London). Don’t use the thread für discussion. As soon as we have sent the Mail to CD with your messages, I will give you feedback. You do NOT have to register to participate, you can write as a guest (pls choose a nickname when you do so).

We would be really pleased when you effort us.
Excuse linguistic mistakes.

Many greetings,

Minerva/Lara’s Generation

--> Send your message to Core Design (http://www.webstar-media.de/cgi-bin/forum_v_20/foren/F_15/cutecast.pl?&forum=3&thread=763) <--

18th Nov 2003, 16:13
Hello Minerva, it's nice to "see" you again. :)

Wir haben uns in Hamberg kennengelernt. Erinnerst du dich an mich? ;)

I think you have a lovely idea here. http://forums.eidosgames.com/images/icons/icon14.gif

18th Nov 2003, 16:18
Hello CatSuit&Ponytail!

Nice to see you too. Of course I remember :) I hope you understood my broken english :D

Many Greetings,

P.S. Take care of GoranAgar, the girls in my forum liked his picture very much :D

18th Nov 2003, 16:31
Your English is of course excellent. :D

Originally posted by Minerva

P.S. Take care of GoranAgar, the girls in my forum liked his picture very much :D

... I plan to, ;) and I am used to that! :o ;)