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17th Nov 2003, 20:07
ne1 else had probs targetting Boaz's spewing sacs?

I've emptied almost 300 rounds into her. And that beast just won't die!!!:mad:

Doesn't help that Kurtis is about as easy to control as a 747:rolleyes:

17th Nov 2003, 20:18
Originally posted by elpad

Doesn't help that Kurtis is about as easy to control as a 747:rolleyes:

Haha! That's so great!
Boaz is a pain to kill, it takes more than a few tries, especially if, like me, you have the bug where you pull the trigger once and it uses three bullets... ack.
Good strategies here (http://www.tombraiders.net/stella/walks/TR6walk/boaz.html), if you aren't already using that site :D.

18th Nov 2003, 01:25
Press the square button that's the real switch target button. If your using PS2.

21st Nov 2003, 21:42
Okay, following the strategy guide is GREAT for the front two acid sacs. But if you wanna do the last two (using less than 3000 rounds/3000 loads), it's quicker to get out of the corner and run loose. Once you've shot four rounds into Boaz's head, jump sideways, turn a tiny bit to face her side, and do the classic jump right, jump left to avoid the acid. Everytime you land, get a bullet into her. It might take a couple of goes to get used to this, but ultimately it takes less time than reloading again and again after you've failed to get another acid sac from the corner, also, it gets the blood pumping ;) Every time you've shot a sac, save the game in a different spot. That way you can go back to an earlier one if you majorly screw up (see: use both the medipacks before you've killed Boaz the first time)

This may have been mentioned already... but don't ever make Kurtis run in this level, it's slow and dangerous. Instead, make every second step a jump. He responds quickly to jump commands, and it's just much safer.

22nd Nov 2003, 10:09
Screwd up big time! I actually got that lucky shot in but didn't save in time...so i'm back to my last sac :( Oh well, no hurry finishing AOD anyway.

You're right Asynca. The jumps are better here. To get to this position, Kurtis had to tumble a lot. In a second, Boaz will face him and start spewing toxins from her mouth. I only have just as much time to change target (he's still aiming at her head) and blast that last awful sac!


22nd Nov 2003, 11:04
I know in theory that roll/square button is suppose to change your target but I've never managed to get that to work.
I just played Boaz again as a refresher... here's my final word, and my recommendation for the quickest way to play her.

Run-jump into corner #1, and shoot Boaz's head four times. You should be fine for sac #1 in 6 shots (12 if you have that annoying ammo bug that I have).

Run-jump into the opposite corner whilst Boaz is writhing in pain from the first sac, repeat in the opposite corner for sac #2, another 6 shots.

For sac 3 and 4, get her out in the open, in the middle if possible to give yourself the most manouverability. You're probably going to get munched a couple of times, but don't worry about it because it hardly takes any health. Again, if you have the ammo bug, you might need to get more of it, so get boaz standing in one spot and spewing acid, and rush over and get the boran x clip while she's busy.

Here's my ugly little diagram of my strategy for sac 3 and 4.


Ps, I just wrote a short post-AOD fanfic. Check it out.

22nd Nov 2003, 14:20
Now that's neat. The way you write and illustrate, you should write some for Prima walkthroughs :)

I tried that before and he got kicked (or swiped by the hind legs)one time and died. Nothing seems straightforward but that also works in principle. In practice, oh well diff story but thanks for the drawing. Appreciate it.

I'm now facing the mosquito and it's not as difficult.

For some who may still be struggling with the first boaz (lots know this already) --- you can't target the sacs when they are not spewing. Even when she's just shooting from the mouth, the only target is the head (so the change target doesn't work, like in my pic).

Also, when you're down on health with the last sac and, by sheer luck, hit it, make sure you immediately replenish or after the cutscene, one swipe by the mosquito will kill him and then you're back to the last sac (what happened to me) :(

Lastly, did you notice if you save at a point when she's spewing from the sac, when you reload, she's already spewing from the mouth!? So no chance at hitting the sac really.

I don't think I'll go back to this fight, not till i finish and patch this game. Yea, I also have that gun ammo bug. :(

22nd Nov 2003, 20:18
Whoops, don't run INTO her hind legs, just run AT them ;) If you touch certain parts of her, you die immediately, I can't tell which bits because apparently sometimes nothing happens if you bang into her.

Yeah, Drew, in terms of Boaz, you're going to be reloading a few times whatever you do. That was just my recommendation for the least reloading and frustration ;)

I think I've found a way to get him to run straight away, although it doesn't always work. If you press both up and left/right at the same time for a moment before lifting the side key and leave up down he seems to want to run rather than just standing there for a second.

Chris Daly
29th Nov 2003, 13:02
Nice drawing and explanations, the only thing
I can add is if you run out of ammo , there is more
on the ground , particularly near the big door where
Boaz came in , ammo seems to reappear there , I
finished off all of the ammo into the metomorphosis
of Boaz and at the cut scene, had zero in Kurtis's gun.