View Full Version : [SPOILERS] Runic "Blood Script" Sighted in Defiance

17th Nov 2003, 08:11
The "Blood Script" in Blood Omen 1 is hard to miss if you weren't out to get a lot of secrets or just enjoy nosing around and unearthing any side info (like me). Thankfully, Marie (http://www.dark-chronicle.co.uk/) and Wolf Reven (http://www.nosgoth.net/Blood_Omen/downloads.htm) have provided us with translations and info on their respective sites so it is to them I owe my thanks.

I noticed it in passing my first time through but I was too engaged to stop and write it down in the hopes of translating. This evening I spotted it again and took the time to jot down what I could make out.

The first area I noticed it was over the threshold of one of the crypts in the cemetary area. The second was in Kain's private mausoleum and was carved over his portrait. Unfortunately it was difficult to get a perfect view of either so what I have is a bit fragmented. Still, it seems pretty mundane.

( http://platypuselves.homestead.com/files/lok_DEF-runes.jpg )

For the top one, I imagine it is simply, "Rest in peace," or more accurately, "Rest in pis," as I believe Runic is written phoenetically.

The second is probably, "Here is Kain."

So yeah, nothing very exciting but I thought some people might like to know. There's also the possibility that there is more to be found throughout Defiance so maybe this will help someone with a more interesting message. :)

More info on Runic Futhark can be found on Wolf Reven's excellent site. (http://www.nosgoth.net)

Lastly, I apologize for being unable to get a screenshot of the text itself. I really wish I could. :- /