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16th Nov 2003, 14:34

Back before my PC days... and just a lowly PS1 user ;) I played every TR game to death, TR4 being my fave. Was also a fan of the MUSIC series of proggies for the playstation...well one night I mimmicked the flute rift from the intro of TR4 and built a whole dance tune round the one rift...entirely from scratch using MUSIC 2000. It's not been edited or any post production to clean it up or add anything. Just converted to wav then to mp3 from the original MUSIC2000 file.

It's laid dormant on ps memory cards for about 4 years. I recently managed to copy to pc some of my tunes... so for those interested, I have uploaded a copy of the mp3 to my site. It's 8 mins long at 11mb in size.

Now I'm not sure on how Edios will percieve this, it was created purely for fun and not for any profiteering. If they don't like it and wish for it to be non public I will remove it from my site.. but I felt it was time that it was actually heard by someone other than myself. ;)

Enjoy :)


16th Nov 2003, 20:28
that sound is just great! I usually don't like that kind of music, but I really like this! :)


Leigh Croft
16th Nov 2003, 22:25
I'm downloading it now, should be cool. I'll let you know what I think. ;)

20th Nov 2003, 15:53
heeeey, that's really good! Wow. Well done :)

20th Nov 2003, 20:03
That's great Stuk@tto. :)

Marcus T
20th Nov 2003, 21:14
A nice tune Stuk@tto :)

I myself have done and released Tomb Raider inspired music through the net since -99 (first tune is known as "Dance Raider"), to the knowledge of Core Design (and Eidos), they have not interfered. As long as it's (like you put it) done out of fun, and not for profiteering. You find fan art and fan fiction out there as well. It keeps the community active :)

Leigh Croft
21st Nov 2003, 00:33
Wow! What a great tune! Seriously dude, great job! I love it! :D ;)

22nd Nov 2003, 18:08
I feel like I'm back in TR4, but groovin' while I'm there. I can see Lara bustin' a move while running towards EVIL!!!!!!!!!
OK my bad, in other words...I love it!

Leigh Croft
23rd Nov 2003, 00:13
I realy love this tune! I've put it on my MP3 player! Good work! ;)