View Full Version : Neat Exploit I just found

FuriousNoob >:-(
16th Nov 2003, 03:50
I found this today although i'm probably not the first to find it. After the warehouse mission (I think it's the second mission), you go and talk to Sam Carter, he'll give u a weapon accuracy mod. Well if your inventory is full when u talk to him, he drops the mod in front of you and J.C. says he'll come back when he makes room in his inventory. Well if u talk to him again he'll keep dropping an accuracy mod each time. You can do this as many times as u want. Also there's a bug with this - you'll start to put some of the mods in inventory slots that already have things in them. So some slots will have say a prod as well as the mod.

**** Possible Spoiler *****

If you continue playing like this (where some slots have two items), when u get captured and have to escape, they only take about half of your inventory, but you still have most of your weapons. Makes escaping a little easier :)

Bio Denton
25th Nov 2003, 04:42
Just open your inventory the moment the level starts and drop everything :P