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12th Nov 2003, 21:25
How many awards are there, I know alot of people who have 57 and can't find the last one, the 58th. The ones found are:
1. Most Lethal -- Kill the most
2. Most Losses -- Get killed the most
3. Lemming Award -- Commit the most suicides
4. Most Professional -- Don't shoot people in the back or run away or whatever; play "professionally"
5. Multi Kill -- Kill multiple people at once
6. Longest Spree -- Kill the most people without dying yourself
7. Most Effective -- Do better than any other player (usually in Capture the Bag)
8. Pathetic Shot -- Have terrible accuracy on a level
9. Maniac -- Attack enemies with little regard to yourself; often come with Most Frantic and Most Manic
10. Brain Surgeon -- Get a lot of head shots
11. Fist of Fury -- Do a lot of damage with your fists
12. Glass Jaw -- Take a lot of damage from others' fists
13. Decapitator -- Shoot or knock off a lot of heads (of zombies)
14. Fists of Steel -- Do a lot of damage to others' heads with your fists (while playing as a robot?) * UNCONFIRMED *
15. Betrayer -- Attack your teammates (make sure friendly fire is turned off! )
16. Vandal -- Break a lot of stuff (Go to the Chinese level and break all the dishes, windows, etc.)
17. Hypochondriac -- Pick up health when you really don't need it
18. AC-10 Award -- Pick up armor when you really don't need it
19. Where's the Health? -- Run over a health respawn point immediately after someone else already picked it up
20. Where's the Armor? -- Run over an armor respawn point immediately after someone else already picked it up
21. Hoarder -- Grab the same item over and over again
22. Sloth -- Move very slowly, or just don't move at all
23. Most Frantic -- Keep moving; don't stop; ; often come with Maniac and Most Manic
24. Backpeddler -- Walk backward a lot
25. Sidestepper -- Strafe a lot
26. Ledgehopper -- In Chasm, fall off the highest ledge and land on the 2nd ledge just below (don't die)
27. Most Sneaky -- Avoid anyone seeing you while moving about
28. Most Cowardly -- Shoot a lot of people from behind
29. Dodger -- Crouch a lot
30. Most Outgunned -- Always have the worst weapons available
31. Best Equipped -- Always have the best weapons available
32. Weapons Expert -- Use every type of weapon available
33. Porter -- Retrieve your own bag a lot from fallen enemies
34. Bag Man -- Score a lot with the enemy's bag
35. Most Useless -- Don't do jack; just run around aimlessly
36. Ricochet King -- Kill a lot of people by ricochet(easy w/ secondary fire on the sci-fi handgun)
37. Underequipped -- Don't use any weapons (punching everyone to death usually works)
38. Victim -- Get killed by the same person repeatedly
39. Bully -- Kill the same person repeatedly
40. Most Peaceful -- Don't shoot anyone
41. Most Dishonorable -- Usually this comes along with Most Sneaky and Most Cowardly; just play evilly
42. Most Manic -- Keep shooting; don't stop; often come with Most Frantic and Maniac
43. Cartographer? -- Walk around a level like you're lost * UNCONFIRMED *
44. Shortest Innings -- Repeatedly go the shortest period of time without dying (just die as quickly as possible)
45. Longest Innings -- Repeatedly go the longest period of time without dying
46. Survivor -- Stay alive the whole match
47. Markmanship -- Take and make a lot of tough/tricky shots
48. Sniper -- Get a lot of kills with a sniper rifle
49. Most Flammable -- Get caught on fire alot (just stay on fire as much as possible)

Awards from your stats (these may not show up in your Awards list until after you've played a multi-player game):

50. Persistance Award -- Play for 48 hours
51. Traveller Award -- Move 500 miles
52. Trigger Happy Award -- Fire 500,000 bullets
53. Insomniac Award -- Play for 2-3 hours after midnight
54. Beheader Award -- Shoot or knock off 200 heads
55. Smasher Award -- Smash 650 panes of glass (or plates)
56. Brutality Award -- Kill 100 civilians
57. Golden Oldie Award -- Obtained from playing as one of the TS1 classic characters around 20 or 25 times



capt. Forestzombie
15th Nov 2003, 13:05
Hey try to help you out, by trying to find out what the 58th award is.Oh, that was very shocking.:eek: :eek:

29th Nov 2003, 22:10
I think the one you missed is Unlucky to Lose. I don't have it yet but from http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/timesplitters_awards.txt they say
32) Unlucky to Lose - I think you get this by being like 3 kills away from
losing and just quit the game, check your awards list at the end of the game
menus and see if you got it. Or, you can be a few kills from winning, then, go
down and lose.
that would make 58 right?


12th Dec 2003, 06:13
I think that u can get an award by having ur UFOs spotted really high i think in the statistics under STORY.
Not 100% sure, tho.

3rd May 2005, 02:31
I currently hav bout 46 awards

wht makes u so sure theres a 58th award? mail me at cmurp86@yahoo.com

10th May 2005, 15:46
I don't know how many i have..about 40+...

I only had 46 when i wrotwe this. Now i have precisely 40 cause all my profiles were destroyed/deleted...