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15th Jun 2012, 20:35
It seems like a few members have managed to attach images to their signatures.

While I think that this is well and good, there needs to be an actively moderated size limit put in place in order to prevent overly large images from breaking up topics for every post they appear in.

15th Jun 2012, 21:27
I agree with you. I don't think mine is too big.

15th Jun 2012, 21:30
Yours looks like a decent size. I wouldn't even mind something larger than that.

Just please... no wallpaper-sized pictures... thats too much scrolling just to see the next member's post.

16th Jun 2012, 02:51
I wonder if I might have been the first one? Since I noticed that HTML was allowed, I decided to try it out.

16th Jun 2012, 03:43
You were definitely one of the first, Grim! That signature isn't too bad, either: it's not so much width I'm concerned about (although any bigger than that would prolly be a no), and moreso for height.

16th Jun 2012, 05:24
Not too bad, huh? My, and here I thought it was perfect. 788 out of 800 pixels wide, and less than 200 pixels high (175). I guess my eyes are not as good as they once were...shibu, shibu.

Hmm, come to think of it, maybe that would be a good suggested maximum size for a signature banner? 800x200?

HTML is allowed. Max character length: 500

These are the only restrictions at the moment. Nothing about picture size, only a character limit.

17th Jun 2012, 01:06
Should you come across an image too large to make the forums readable, please flag the post and our moderation team will look into it.

26th Jun 2012, 18:23
Hmm, come to think of it, maybe that would be a good suggested maximum size for a signature banner? 800x200?

I actually like that dimension. Most forums I've been to usally restricted signature image to a height of 200 pixels and a width of 500 pixels. I'm used to dealing with 200 px for height, but I would love being able to having something longer like 800 pixels ^^

2nd Jul 2012, 05:00
I am pleased to hear that you like my suggestion, new_tradition.

2nd Jul 2012, 05:04
How to add a signature: na.square-enix.com/go/forum/preferences (/go/forum/preferences)
General feedback thread: na.square-enix.com/go/thread/view/139349... (/go/thread/view/139349/29181243/About_signatures?post_id=520913699#520913699)

Size restrictions? If your banner is too large for the forum, it will automatically be scaled down to width: (ca.) 800 pixels, but keep in mind that using a too tall picture will make it a bit troublesome to scroll past your posts.

Tell us about yours. How come you decided on that particular one, and what does it mean to you? And, apart from your own, which one is your favourite? Have you come across any banners that have caught your eye?

2nd Jul 2012, 05:16
This signature gives me the impression of the passing of time and the factors of life, death and rebirth in between which affects various individuals. For instance, the way death is depicted in Final Fantasy IX is certainly not the stereotypical concept on the word.

2nd Jul 2012, 07:30

2nd Jul 2012, 07:31
Test successfuL.

2nd Jul 2012, 07:35
Thanks for this topic/links.

2nd Jul 2012, 07:46
There is no need to thank me, I am simply glad to see that you too are enjoying this feature.

2nd Jul 2012, 08:41
Thanks for posting this Grimoire! I've been wanting to add one but didn't know how to add one! :D

2nd Jul 2012, 08:50
The pleasure is mine. And I have to admit that the forum preferences button is easy to overlook:

semna28.webs.com/Forum_Preferences.jpg (http://semna28.webs.com/Forum_Preferences.jpg)

(Although it's visible on every page in the forum, apart from the edit pages.)

2nd Jul 2012, 14:23
I didn't even notice it! But mine is Sora from the beginning of KH2. I love that game and have always loved that qoute. Can't think of a better place to share it than here!

2nd Jul 2012, 14:35
Mines is a quote from Lightning Farron. I just thought it was an awesome quote and made a good point hehe ^_^

24th Jul 2012, 01:31
Since people seem to have trouble with their signatures (na.square-enix.com/go/thread/view/139347... (http://na.square-enix.com/go/thread/view/139347/29248619/this_forum,_editing_avatar_and_signature)), maybe this thread could be a little more active...

26th Jul 2012, 22:05
I'm a Raiden fan so I had a friend make this sig for me.

28th Jul 2012, 21:18
^ I like the 8-bit Raiden in the bottom-left corner.

My sig is my PSN trophy card with a user-uploaded wallpaper & a user bar. I'm not adding any more things though or else it will be too big.

I got mine from ps3trophies.com (http://www.ps3trophies.com/)

28th Jul 2012, 22:11
Mine is a quote from the first building of the Zeal kingdom from Doreen, Masa's and Mune's older sister. I just really liked the sound of it and it kinda reinforces my opinion that videogames are one of the best medians to convey philosophical ideas. I'll probably eventually change it to a TWEWY quote though because TWEWY has a ton of deep quotes, especially from Mr. H and Joshua.

28th Jul 2012, 22:44
Mine is a quote taken from Noctis that Famitsu put in their magazine.

28th Jul 2012, 22:47
My quote is from Crisis Core Final fantasy 7 and I really love the quote.

3rd Aug 2012, 08:45
My picture for my signature is from a Dragon Age II wallpaper of Flemeth. I cut it in half, inverted it, and faded the edges. I edited it with Foto Flexer.


My quote comes from a line Bane said in The Dark Knight Rises.

17th Aug 2012, 22:15
Ok how do you guys get a picture every time you make a comment. I want to know.

17th Aug 2012, 22:28
You mean a pic in your signature area? You can use image tags and upload an image WITHIN FORUM RESTRICTIONS to a hosting site, grab the url and put it between the tags.

Popular photo hosting sites include imageshack and photobucket, but I like using tinypic since you don't need an account to upload a pic ^^

Hope that helps~

17th Aug 2012, 22:57
testing again

18th Aug 2012, 01:22
Signatures Discussion Thread

na.square-enix.com/go/thread/view/139231... (/go/thread/view/139231/29213849/Signatures_Discussion_Thread)

18th Aug 2012, 09:43
I'm constantly changing the image part of my signature if i decide to have an image, but my quote always stayed the same since i've heard it. it's been a driving force to my motivation to continue to do what i love to do, even if there is little or no monetary value for it, as long as it makes me happy and i feel enriched and empowered through it.

My quote is from the quirky lovable British bastard, Murdoc Niccals from Gorillaz: "You were born an original, don't die a copy."

One of the most inspiring quotes I've ever heard in my life thus far, and I make it a personal mission to do so.

11th Sep 2012, 09:41
Ok, so everybody is going philosophical. So am I. Quoting the mos wise character from Final Fantasy, Quina from FF IX.

23rd Oct 2012, 00:51
Signature test 1!!!!

23rd Oct 2012, 00:53
Signature test 1!!!!
Signature Test 2!!

26th Oct 2012, 07:09
Signature test 1!!!!
Signature Test 2!!

Hey cool pic also I don't understand the signature 1 and signature 2

5th Nov 2012, 12:52
Signature test 1!!!!

Mine for sure!</pre>

21st Jan 2013, 19:59
it's from XxXHolic, these 2 characters are very special to me :)

22nd Jan 2013, 16:04
I'm still experimenting with my signature. I want to find/think of a good, meaningful quote to go with this beautiful photo of Light (http://quantumgamer.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/tumblr_ma5mu0rVaJ1r7p3aso2_1280-600x300.jpg). (small version of what I originally found)

This pic works too (http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2012/289/f/5/lightning__final_fantasy_xiii__by_love_serendipity-d5hz9uk.png).

@ Arthur: If I'm correct those characters are the Dimension witch and that boy... which I always forget the name of.... They appear in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles along with multiple other characters. Its a very good series.

23rd Jan 2013, 17:12
I used photobucket.com to make mine, but I lost the original.

24th Jan 2013, 06:25
"If I'm correct those characters are the Dimension witch [Yuuko] and that boy... which I always forget the name of.... "

Quoting Black Mokona: "Watanuki! Watanuki! As in April 1!"

24th Jan 2013, 16:24
"If I'm correct those characters are the Dimension witch [Yuuko] and that boy... which I always forget the name of.... "

Quoting Black Mokona: "Watanuki! Watanuki! As in April 1!"

Ah!!! yes!!! That's it!!! XD

Also, I'm updating my signature today. I just found a good quote, so I'll be adding that photo as well. Might have to experiment a bit. I'm not sure how adding banners works.

24th Jan 2013, 16:33
Signature test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Edit: Guess it didn't work.... hmmm..... I must fix the banner.

24th Jan 2013, 18:41
Question:..... How DO I add a banner? >.>

24th Jan 2013, 18:57
Go here: na.square-enix.com/go/forum/preferences (http://na.square-enix.com/go/forum/preferences)

When you upload your banner/signature image to hosting site (like photobucket, tinypic, etc), take the url it spits out for you, and put it between these tags

in that box that says it will be your signature.

24th Jan 2013, 19:02
Thanks for the help NT! :)

24th Jan 2013, 19:07
Testing Banner..... GOOOOOOOOOOO! :D

Edit: OMG Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!