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12th Nov 2003, 00:58
Hey everybody,
Whiplash is coming out soon and it is really a great funny game.
If you need a great game for the Holidays, this one is a keeper. The graphics are top notch and the characters are really cool. Great puzzles and fun for all ages.
Anyways just want to get some interest on the game.
Check it out.
Crystal Dynamics

12th Nov 2003, 08:07
Do you know when it's coming to Europe, Chris?

I'm not really into this genre myself, but I'm looking for a nice platformer for my husband and the kids. :D

13th Nov 2003, 00:22
Hey Embla,
Looks like you are the only one here.
I do not have a date for the European versions. But it will be coming out in the US next week, Nov. 18th I believe. :)
I am thinking early next year for the PAL versions, but have not been given an official date yet.
Crystal Dynamics

13th Nov 2003, 18:52
From what I've seen the game looks indeed very nice :cool:

Too bad that all those kind of games are only on console :(

Umah Bloodomen
14th Nov 2003, 08:14
Originally posted by Chris@Crystal
Hey Embla,
Looks like you are the only one here.

No, I posted in another area of the Whiplash boards a month or so ago. Played the cool flash game. :p

Senor v2
16th Nov 2003, 11:00
Hey Embla,
Looks like your the only one here.
Nope, i've been here since the beginning, of this board posting about the release date and the cool flash game:p

Grey Mouser
18th Nov 2003, 19:03
From what I have seen (not having finished it yet...), Whiplash rocks!

25th Nov 2003, 08:52
i have been visiting the whiplash boards alot myself i just dont post here often :P. but i am hoping to get the game ASAP, because it looks wicked fun.

1st Dec 2003, 07:53
Tried the game at the Playstation Experience in Oslo a few weeks back.. I does, indeed, rock! :cool:

Came as far as that infamous generator, lined up next to it, and the message 'use bunny' popped up.. -I was sold.. :D

Can't wait for this to hit the stores!!