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8th Nov 2003, 10:34
Hi, I have a strange bug in Tomb Raider Chronicles.
At the Escape of the Iris level, after have using the Iris Artifact and being teleported, Lara cannot move. It's right after jumpnig down into a hole at the place where Lara has been teleported to. You see at short movie sequence, a guard comes and enters a combination in front of door. The Lara looks as if she is listening to something, but nothing happens even after a long time.

A similar bug appeared in the 13:th Floor, right after sliding down
a pole and you hear lots of bangs. But here, Lara dont have to pass that point, instead she can jump down and take care of the guys with the lasers.

Is this a part of the game? (yes or no) No solutions please :)

John Carter
8th Nov 2003, 16:06
Part of the infamous unpatched android level bug. You've gotten past one of the worst bugs already, it appears, but you may be forced to consult a walkthrough to get past the one you describe(I was).

8th Nov 2003, 16:51

thanks for answering. Unforunately, I cannot use the walkthrough I chose. I can zoom in and get the combination before the cut scene, but after it I only see Lara with her headset and simply cannot continue to walk along the hallway or in any other direction. The walkthrugh I read doesn't mention this bug at all. (but the bug in the 13:th Floor is reported)

I hope I can use a save file, but in the closest one the guard below isa already defeated.

Maybe I can email my savefile to anyone (or anyone else reasing this) not having this bug and walk past this point.

8th Nov 2003, 19:25
Haven't played it myself, so I don't have any useful tips, but this is probably the best walkthru out there, look here and see if you can't find a solution!

Good luck! And welcome to the forum! :)

8th Nov 2003, 20:42
Thanks :)

Yes, I looked at the walkthrough, I have to pass that point. I knew that because there is no way back from that small area. I don't know any case where you forget something important and then a door closes behind you.
But I guess there are a few exceptions from that in other TR games where the area is more complicated. I remember a place in TR3 where there are cliffs at first and then a rope crosses a water surface. I went there without a boat and couldn't jump back.. stuck.

9th Nov 2003, 14:08
Hi, I'm not sure if you actually solved the problem, but if you haven't, e-mail me the save file and I'll see what I can do. :)