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8th Nov 2003, 02:44
hi everyone. im new to deus ex and started playing it 2 days ago.
i read a couple of threads here and people talk a lot about hacking. im currently at the rooftops (near the ending) and i still havent hacked even one machine. i dunno how. id really appreciate if if someone could tell me how....lol seriously i love this game but i do lotsa stupid things.
i dunno how i never noticed such a good game. oh well although its 2003 the game still lives on....good job ion storm... and ive pre-ordered deus ex TIW. if its as good as this one oh baby im not leaving the house this winter

8th Nov 2003, 11:11
Well your hacking skills are only going to be of use to you if you have sufficient skill points on your 'computers' skill. When you do, if you access a computer terminal, you should see a box in the top-right of the screen, saying "Ice Breaker Ready".

Clicking on that box lets you hack into the terminal for a limited amount of time (which varies depending on your skill level). So try looking at your skill points and seeing if you can afford to upgrade your computer skills. If you'd rather spend skill points on something else, then you may have to rely on the old username and password system.

PS: Bear in mind that you can only hack computer terminals, security computers and ATM machines. Disabling things like cameras, gun turrets and electronic panels rely on your multitools.

Hope that helps you. :)

Bio Denton
8th Nov 2003, 12:50
That might be a bit confusing for our trainee JC, Forge :P

Ok, if you see a camera, turret, etc, you CAN disable them with multitools, but EVERY turret, camera and even some bots are linked to control panels. Just hack the conrol panels to take control. Untrained: Can't hack. Trained: Can hack, but you'll get caught quickly. Advanced: You can hack for longer and more quickly and can take over turrets and bots. Master: Longer. Quicker.

8th Nov 2003, 15:09
lol thanks a lot guys. so i dont need any tools or special devices to hack right? im going to try what you told me right now...hope it works. im at the UNETSCO headquarters and i wanna hackthe chiefs system

9th Nov 2003, 11:01
lol I do ramble a bit, don't I? Hope I didn't confuse you too much lyra :D But thanks for clearing it up a bit Bio.

Oh yeah you can hack into Manderley's computer if you want. You can also find the username and password for it on a datacube if you'd rather take a look through safer means. The datacube is on the secretary's desk, if memory serves, on the first time you're in UNATCO.

9th Nov 2003, 16:30
lol thats okie bio. im at the airplane hanger place now. im really stuck becase those confounded robots keep on killing me. is there anyway i can get passed em or do something about them. like they're all over the place and keep on killing me

9th Nov 2003, 16:56
You can kill them all if you have a GEP gun (or enough grenades or a stash of LAWs); otherwise, avoid them. To avoid them, run. Run fast, dodge between the giant crates, and get south and east.

You can also climb up on some of the crates. Notice the brightly colored barrels below with the nice explosive hazard labels?

9th Nov 2003, 17:43
Yeah - either climb on those barrels to get on top of the crates, because there's some nice stuff to pick up in those crates. While you're climbing, though, be careful that a bot doesn't see you - if it does, it'll start shooting, and all it needs for you to die is for one stray bullet to hit the explosive barrels.

Alternatively, wait for the bot(s) to move closer to one of the barrels, and then shoot at the barrel. Boom. Bye bye baby.

9th Nov 2003, 17:55
lol i shulda tried the mission before i posted
i dodged em. wow sweet twist in the story NSF are good and UNATCOS bad. im loving every second of this game. thanks guys

9th Nov 2003, 20:57
If you like that, you'll love what's coming! ;)

9th Nov 2003, 21:14
"sniff" dentons bro just died:(
well im in the prison now with all my beautiful pistol gone. the pistol and the sniper rifle rock. thats all i use.

Bio Denton
9th Nov 2003, 23:51

MJ12 are the righteous!

10th Nov 2003, 00:17
WHAT!! are u joking???? ahahah no way man...those bastards tried to kill me in more ways than one.
i wish JC had stuck with UNATCO. i used to love those missions. ignorance is bliss but oh well....
i freed those lizards...ahahha FUN FUN!!!!

10th Nov 2003, 22:31
im done newyork. kinda sad to walk past my old office at UNATCO and talking to the doctor and Alex. "sigh" well gotta move on. this is the best game eve ever played so far.

12th Nov 2003, 09:06
did you stop by your boss's office, to explain him what you thought about his managing qualities?

12th Nov 2003, 20:47
yeah i did. i also left the Doc at the UNATCO HQ. anyone take him with them?
i love being s sniper. i replayd all the rooftop and hells kitchen levels...

12th Nov 2003, 21:12
Many of us took him with us. If you do, there's one benefit; if you don't, there's a different benefit. Let's just say
you won't have to worry about Gunther in the future.

12th Nov 2003, 21:15
I also kept Jaime at UNATCO every time I played the game. I really should choose the other option one of these days, just to see what happens.

It's really good to hear that you're enjoying the experience lyra. :) I'm also currently replaying the game (how many times it's been though, I've lost count!), although I'm further along. So take it from me: your experience can only get better! :)