View Full Version : Lara Crofts mum, Kurtis and Lara

7th Nov 2003, 18:24
Hi everyone its my first time here :D

I hope you are all well.

What happened to Lara's mum? Theres plenty of info about her dad but what happened to her mummy? She must have come from some where!

I think that Lara and Kurtis will get it on in a future game comeon they'd be suuuch a cute couple! Unless....

Is Lara a lesbian? I have absolutly no evidence what so ever that she might be it's just hmmmm a suspicion!


7th Nov 2003, 19:04
? :rolleyes:

7th Nov 2003, 23:24
Originally posted by Kate
Is Lara a lesbian?

I think not, but it's a good question..lol!!!:p