View Full Version : Sword????

6th Nov 2003, 12:25
Playing GOTY edition (by the seat of my pants) I don't have enough tools to hack the computer to get the sword.
Anybody know the 4 (I think) digit number?



6th Nov 2003, 15:50
You might alternativey want to hack the computer near the sword casing, or the security console in the conference room in Chow's apartment. If you don't have the hacking skill upgraded,

The login: MChow
The passport: One of the two books in Maggie's room.

6th Nov 2003, 21:28
I think the code to the keypad is: 718

7th Nov 2003, 00:58
Yeah, the code is Maggie Chow's birthday, which you can find in a note from her boyfriend(?) on a datapad in one of the upstairs rooms. I believe this is also the code for the rooftop access door, and maybe one other keypad that I can't remember.

19th Nov 2003, 03:53
also...do not drop that sword even when the mission is complete and there's no more use for it...it is by far the best melee weapon...kills commandos in 1 hit...

2nd Dec 2003, 22:54
Also, if you have the melee skill upgraded (atleast most of the way, if not more) and the melee weapon augmentation, you can blow up doors with one hit. That is really useful if you dont want to use a lockpick. (or it just gets in your way :D )