View Full Version : tr oad wont pull guns

6th Nov 2003, 05:03
I have played all 5 previous tr's and never had this problem. The space bar draws the weapons. But not mine. I read that you have to select an item first, but all my numbers wont pull up anything. Am in B's hideout and the rat is eating me alive. Please give me any suggestions that you have. Everything runs just fine, audio and no glitches so far. Thanks, RED

8th Nov 2003, 01:21
Oh! You are pressing the wrong keys. Sorry!
You should press first the '{' or '}' keys to select any weapons and THEN press SPACE BAR.

8th Nov 2003, 10:34
Press the TAB key. Select Weapons and pick the gun you want.
BTW Lara doesn't have any weapons (or ammo) to start with. You will pick them up as you go along