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5th Nov 2003, 17:49
Okay, the soon to be discussion about wheter females would be better than males at receiving biomods. ( Sorry for the rotten english )

I say males are better because we're more efficient in using technological items. ( Ohhhh, he uses live ammo. Gnagna)

5th Nov 2003, 21:11
I'm not sure I understand quite what you're getting at here. Are you saying that one gender might get more biomods than the other because they impress characters by shooting everything? (Sorry if I'm confusing things here, but that's how it sounds to me).

I think this would all be a choice left up to the player. If he plays the game one way, he'll catch the eye of somebody. If he plays it another way, he'll catch the eye of someone else. I don't think gender would come into it all that much.

It's like in DX1: if you told Harley Filben on Liberty Island that you promised not to kill the NSF commander, he would give you the Statue key. However, if you told him your intention to put a slug in his head, you wouldn't get the key.

I think it would be the same situation here. If you killed mercilessly, someone from one faction might reward you with a biomod. If you refused to kill, then he wouldn't give you a biomod, but somebody from another faction might. In addition, even the biomod you get might be affected: if you kill everyone, then you're rewarded with some form of offensive-based biomod. If you play the game more stealthily, then you get a biomod to assist with that approach.

I ramble, I know. :D But am I making my point? Is this the point that you were even trying to make in the first place? :p

5th Nov 2003, 22:50
Not game-related. Could a woman install on herself more augmentations than a man could?

6th Nov 2003, 09:32
Wouldn't have thought so. How would you figure that one out? Are you suggesting that she could get a biomod for "machine gun jubblies"?

Coz I think that idea might be worth exploring... :D

6th Nov 2003, 09:38
Originally posted by gareis
Not game-related. Could a woman install on herself more augmentations than a man could?

well, one more (ie plus two minus one. anyone has seen "from dusk till down?" better than the skull gun... I guess old Gunther didn't think of this one)