View Full Version : Got my GameCube!

5th Nov 2003, 14:23
And it's all wrapped up for Christmas, along with Rogue Squadron, Smash Bros Melee and something Spyra! Oh, and a couple extra controls. The kids are gonna be stoked and I can't wait to see the expressions on their faces. This will be completely unexpected for them.

Thanks for all the good advice I got here on systems and games. Appreciate the experience.

One more question, do I need to buy memory to make the games run smoother, or is memory just for saving games? How does it help?

5th Nov 2003, 15:52
Ahh... reminds me of the time I got my Commodore 64 computer with Blagger (superior Manic Miner clone) and The Hobbit. Man, did I cry when I finally had to go to bed that night! Took me all boxing day to figure out how to escape the Elven halls in those darn barrels! :D

Oh, and memory cards are just for saved games.

Shadow Creepr
6th Nov 2003, 01:51
Congratulations and good choice. I would get the memory card for sure, it came in handy for me. :)

6th Nov 2003, 13:11
Yes, the 'kids' will be having fun with it.

9th Nov 2003, 14:26
congratulations on getting the "right" system. ;)

anyway, you may want to know about this promotion http://www.planetgamecube.com/news.cfm?action=item&id=4816 - buy two GC games off of a list, or a couple other things (unfortunately including buying a new GC) and you can get a zelda pack in disc with the NES zelda games and the N64 zelda games (if you care).