View Full Version : Those stupid Playstation to USB adapters

DJ Hoyt
5th Nov 2003, 03:21
I was wondering if anyone has a stupid playstation to USB adapter. I have one I got off of eBay and I can't seem to get it to work with TRIII: LA. Any advice? Does anyone else use an adapter or the one pictured below (mine)? Let me know where you got your drivers and if you have mine, I lost the disk so let me know the driver you used. Thanks!


5th Nov 2003, 11:41
I don't know if this is the same or not , but it looks like yours:


The one I posted in the link above says no drivers are needed unlesss you want to use force feedback.

DJ Hoyt
5th Nov 2003, 20:50
Well TRIII isn't recognizing it at all. Do you have that one?