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4th Nov 2003, 20:48
I'm having a hard time deciding which PC to buy. Dells, HP's, gateways, etc. are not very good for my needs (as said by 3D artists and most gamers).

I'm looking into Alienware and Falcon PC's, but if there are any others can you please tell me?

I mainly plan to play games, mostly older ones, but there are alot of new games I plan on buying. So a machine thats able to play recent games. I also plan on using 3D studio Max.

The reason I am going for a game machine is because I am selling all my video game consoles/ games/ accessories/ etc. and my imac G4 to get money to purchase a game machine.

I mainly just want to get rid of my mac and switch back to PC.

Can anyone reccomend what CPU I should use and CPU speeds I should consider? What about ram? Should 512MB do the trick and a 80MB hard drive?

Also, I'm trying to lay back on high-end video cards since they are expensive. I'm want a Nvidia card since they are decent with gaming and better with 3D animation. So how are the GeforceFX 5200 Ultra's and GeforceFX 5600 cards? I might have to go with a Ati Radeon 9600 since its cheaper than the GeforceFX 5600 and gamers appear to be more sharper. But an Ati card will lack 3D renderings and I hear alot of problems with 3D software and Ati cards.


4th Nov 2003, 21:03
MSI granite bay motherboard
P4 2.53gig processor
ATI Radeon 9500
512mb Ram

Had this setup since the begining of the year and it runs everything superbly and smoothly - even the picturesque flowing brook 3D benchmark demo and nVidia's 'Dawn' demo, and AOD looks simply stunning.
ATI's Catalyst drivers are second to none.

Should be able to get this spec for around £500 now.

4th Nov 2003, 21:09
I have a Gateway, and as someone else mentioned, their tech support sucks, but when things break (my hard drive, graphics card and monitor gave out [not all at once]), they replace things without question and for free (that includes shipping).

As for CPU speed and RAM, get the most/fastest you can afford.

I'm running 3D MAX on my rig (1gig CPU, 512megs RAM, nVidia gForce4 Ti4600 video card) and haven't had any problems and am very happy with the performance. Just don't run MAX on a machine that is running Windows ME.

Discreet (the folks who sell 3D MAX) recommend Intel CPUs. They also recommend nVidia video cards. The best nVidia cards for 3D work are the Quadro series. But the Quadro series DOES NOT WORK VERY WELL WITH GAMES (stick with the GForce FX cards).

If you can't decide between Alienware or Falcon. I'd go with Alienware, just because they have the cooler cases. ;)

Good Luck!!! :)

4th Nov 2003, 21:57
I guess I'll go with a P4 CPU even though they are slightly more expensive than Althon XP CPU's.

So I guess I'll look into falcon and alienware machines and see which has better performance and prices.