View Full Version : Hell's Motel 1... Sewers?

4th Nov 2003, 20:17
I cannot find the sewers... unless
they are in Cell #3 in the Jail? I go down there but nothing happens - if that is it, I guess I need more loot...

There is a basement door in the art building...

Cannot find the key...

I think I have been everywhere else...

Any hints?

5th Nov 2003, 00:56
What difficulty setting are you playing on? The mission ends in the sewer you enter from the jail cell on Expert but not the other two settings. For them you have to enter through a different sewer hatch.

10th Nov 2003, 00:02
you must actually be in the sewers for it to check off....

hence the "check to make sure you are in the sewer system"...other words your feet need to actually hit the ground..that goes for all difficulties..