View Full Version : Turning The Tables

4th Nov 2003, 18:59
Just finished this one, it was hard at first coz you're only allowed to ghost and I'm not exactly fond of ghosting. It's tough coz you can't do some things but then the fun begins when the alarm goes on and all lights are opened. Guards were so sensitive and won't let me through and I thought I'll never pass them. But I was able to manage though despite of that. Thanks to the author for that sudden twist for allowing us finally to knock out guards. It made thief life simplier.:)

4th Nov 2003, 19:20
I've always enjoyed playing this FM, too. I like the twist that is thrown in and it's always a relief to start bashing heads in when you're allowed to!:D

5th Nov 2003, 00:46
I found that ring too by the mushroom before going to the tomb. Now it's mansion of chaos and burgomaster next.:)