View Full Version : God or Devil, The wait is killing me . . .

3rd Nov 2003, 09:33
I went down to my local Electronics Boutique and they told me that the scheduled date was pushed back to the 20th. Bastards I thought, not fare, drive me crazier, it's bad enough I work in a hospital, and frequently I work with the dead. I would give anything to raise a wraith blade and suck some souls of those that are dying to get into the morgue.
I gave EB $10 buck to ensure, not mattering to me which day the game comes out because both days are on my days off, to make sure that I receive the game the second the store opens. Hang from the rafters I would, all night, mist through the door after they put the game on the shelves, to be one of the firsts to sieze the game once and for all. Knowing full well that this is only the fifth game of thirteen. Thus wanting to beleive so. Don't take my word for it, wait and see, what only time will tell.
I wish I didn't work Hallowe'en, wish I could have scared anyone that happen my path over the course of the eve. Next year I'll have designed and made a Raziel, dead Raziel costume, and haunt the living. . .

Cheers M8's,