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2nd Nov 2003, 15:06
Not to repeat any old threads that may have had the same question, but how much on 10 would you give the latest Tomb Raider-movie ... and did you find it to be better than the first one or not ... and why?!!

My vote for the first film ... ***1/2 outta ***** (= 7/10)
My vote for the second film ... **** outta ***** (= 8/10)

p.s.: this is not an official come-back of mine ... i just thought i'd pay y'all a visit again ... just to remind the good ol' days, ya know? :)

bye for now

5th Nov 2003, 13:40
G'day :)

Nice to see you here-but-not-here ;)

ummm, unfortunately I gotta go get ready for an exam so I don't have much time, but I enjoyed both TR movies. I feel the first one was a leeeeeetle more gamey (whether this is a good thing or no, depends on the person - some people feel it "lost its way" by trying to be too gamey, others feel it payed tribute to the games nicely), but the second one certainly had its charms and I feel it was more actiony :)

As I said, I enjoyed them both. I think they were both TR-worthy, for all that I think they are different from one another.

I think my opinion-scores of the movie matches your scores, mate :)

Have a nice day :)

6th Nov 2003, 01:54
I liked both movies- and also thought the second one was more "gamey". I think it made it better for the Tomb Raider fans- but more like a game, and less like a movie to the rest of the world ;) .

6th Nov 2003, 16:09
Cradle of Life is as lovely as Lara it shows to me how sweet a character she is too her friends. All I can say is I'd rather be a friend of her's then an enemie. The only disappointing scene was the romance scene very tacky yuck.

6th Nov 2003, 22:49

Bad Entrance
Bad Direction
Bad Plot
Bad Co-star
Bad excuse for killing the Bad Co-star
Bad Movie

Ive said it before and I'll say it again


The 1st movie was way better

7th Nov 2003, 01:16
/me whispers loudly.
I don't think TenChen liked it


7th Nov 2003, 12:27
Like TenChen, I say crap. CoL looks as though its just another way of an effort in milking the Tomb Raider name to death(something that happend with the games). In all honesty, I'd perfer AJ work on movies with actual life in them rather than crap like CoL.

IMO not too fond of video game movies,but RE despite being older, makes CoL look like hogwash. At least RE had some substance to it.

7th Nov 2003, 21:49
Originally posted by AndrewIII
In all honesty, I'd perfer AJ work on movies with actual life in them ...

Have you seen Beyond Borders yet? :D Also a good AJ movie :cool: .

8th Nov 2003, 15:16
Haven't seen TR2 yet....:o

8th Nov 2003, 17:46
Its a much better movie than the first.
It actually felt like a movie this time....not an extended trailer like the first one was.

27th Apr 2004, 17:25
I finally watched trcol & did a search to do a reply. The reason I wanted to reply is because it was so aweful! That movie suhcked so bad I didn't even want to finish it...but I did watch it in full a couple more times.

Actually I think the WORST thing in it was ANGELINA JOLIE! Her acting seemed forced, a put on, artificial...& like she was trying too hard & looking so fake & phony as a result = CRAP.

I hate to say it. I was hoping the movie would be good. The 1st one made more money BECAUSE it was the 1st one, a novelty...all eager to see what they would do. I liked the 1st one better, but this 2nd one shows me really how AWEFUL ANJELINA JOLIE IS FOR THE PART!

She may have looks, similar...but she's just DEAD to the spirit. She looks like a dead puppet acting...it's just ridiculous.

She makes the wonderful character of Lara Croft look like crap, a dud, is boring, lifeless, a complete put-on of affectation. I did like Jolie in other movies, but SHE kills the tombraider movie francise completely, imho.

Maybe she also was going through a rough time w/the BB split up, etc. but the trcol movie sucks, because of HER crappy portrayal as much as anything else in the movie.......which most of the other elements were almost as poor as she.

They should've searched for an actress that can portray the personality & charisma & APPEAL of 'Lara Croft' & NOT just someone that kind of looks like her.

I think Anjolina Jolie killed Croft.
(Sad, but true...even though I'm sure she 'did,' tried her very best.)

28th Apr 2004, 12:20
I wasn't especting Citizen Kane, and so without lofty expectations, I didn't
dislike either movie. I liked the scene in CoL with Lara and the Chinese kid.

28th Apr 2004, 12:31
I kinda liked the first movie, wasn't a good coversion of the game, but still amusing. a 7 / 10.

But the second sucked big time, like TenChen said, everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. a 2 / 10

28th Apr 2004, 14:39
Originally posted by IndyDallasJones
They should've searched for an actress that can portray the personality & charisma & APPEAL of 'Lara Croft' & NOT just someone that kind of looks like her.


28th Apr 2004, 16:04
I really didn't care for either one...but then again, movies based on video games rarely do well....anyone remember Super Mario Brothers?....hehe

8th May 2004, 03:02
I'm a big Tomb Raider fan, but I'm not very fond of the first movie. I won't even watch the second :mad: I somewhat agree with D3v1L80Y, but I thought it was just me who felt that way. I like playing games from the Resident Evil series, but I disliked the movie... I can't think of one movie I liked that was based on a video game. :confused:

8th May 2004, 03:18
- It was fun, i am really inspired by Lara's lifestyle and really dug the action scenes.

- I like the fact that she used more martial arts, and more grace. I'm glad she learned something during her frequent visits to Asia :P

- However, i for one, am extremely bored with the dull, repetitive storyline concerning some artifact of mystical powers. I'd rather Lara go after the missing link in the human evolution... Or maybe have her going after some religious artifact... Or a scroll containg the meaning of life. Or maybe we can have Lara discover an underground civilization - you know, something new to spice up the genre.

- I was dissapointed that there were no dramatic shots featuring and highliting the landscapes beauty. There is not enough cinematic quality.

- I wasen't very fond of the b-movie film quality.

- Enough with the slow-motion shots that seem to skip frame. It looks soooo low budget. So welfare.

8th May 2004, 10:29
Originally posted by DaveJ
Its a much better movie than the first.
It actually felt like a movie this time....not an extended trailer like the first one was.

You thinks so? I thought the second one was a little disjointed and didn't flow so well, but then I do seem to be getting more critical with movie's; I really enjoyed the first Matrix movie, but thought the 2nd and 3rd were abysmal.

Kill Bill; now there's an excellent movie. ;)

9th May 2004, 15:18
Yes, Kill Bill 1 is great - I've seen the jap./eng. version, full color, uncut, 6+ min. :)
And cradle of life? Imho, was not a Lara Croft movie. More a kind of Tripple-X trash. I don't like him. To less Lara in. Let me make the 3rd...
Short: cradle = 2/10

10th May 2004, 01:34
I completely agree with Dhama.

- Also, i don't feel that they presented Lara properly in the movie. I'm still infatuated with the orginal Lara from Tomb Raider 1, who was classier, more feminine, and better mannered.

- Lastly, i think her clothes were hella ugly in TR2. I didn't like the beige/gold theme at all. I don't think the clothes looked cool or flattering on Angelina. They made her too tomboy-esque. I much rather appreciated the TR1 look. Stick to the black, it's more slick and stylish.

Oh ya, i really enjoyed the deleted scenes from both movies... Why do they have to cut out the best parts?! Character development, meaty content, and general coherence are very integral to a movie in my opinion.

My fav deleted scene was the one where Lara dismisses some guy, telling him that, yes, it does bother her when he smokes in front of her.

10th May 2004, 16:54
Which is why I would have prefered a CGI movie... AJ, could still have done the voice, and it would've been more fitting for the Lara Croft character. Just my view. ;)

10th May 2004, 18:33
But if they did it CG the movie would have probably gone in a baby-ish direction. <--- That's my only fear.

11th May 2004, 01:29
A CGI tr film might work. I would like to see it. I liked the Final Fantasy cgi movie.

To be honest I hated Angelina Jolie in trcol. It was her that just made it actually a horror to watch for me! I couldn't stand HER in it. The rest of the movie was bad too, but I just could NOT stand her, more than anything else. Her laugh was accepted in the 1st movie but in this one it seemed hideous to me. She was 100% fake & a full blown put on most of the time. There were just a very few instances where her acting worked, but overall JOLIE ruined it more than anything, IMHO.

Unfortunately I'm not really a fan of her's anymore after this. I really just don't like her, as sad as that is. With every opinion there's probaby millions that share it both ways. I can't stand Jennifer Lopez either, lol. (but she's a good actress).

I thought Jolie had some acting skills but she just completely turns me off now. She can not play the Lara part in a believeable way at all. She seems like a stupid puppet going thru the motions. The charater they've come up with for the TR movies has been dredfull. They should've just made a very good CGI or Animated movie 1st.

Harrison Ford has the soul & fit for the Indy Movies but Jolie doesn't for Raider movies.

This is a completely honest opinion & is the only reason felt compelled to express it, because I just hated the product they put out & mostly Jolie's acting even though everything else was pretty poor too. It was a pretty stupid, boring, tedious phony slide show with absolutely stupid acting...by most that were in it.
Gawd it was awful.

End of rant.

I do like the MATRIX TRILOGY however. I think it's the best film made up to this point in time. It's multi-layered in depth & combining all the MANY elements within it is why is so good. It makes you think IF you're into that kind of stuff & start to delve into how well crafted it is. There's many overlay stories that can be placed believeably on top of the film. You do have to watch it many times to realize these things.

http://www.matrix-explained.com is the best place to realize how much is in the trilogy to explore.