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2nd Nov 2003, 11:38
Staticon, currently observing from a different dimension, has heard much of the 'Pastry Wars' and the 'Sky Goat'. His interest is aroused.
Can anyone supply a brief history of these phenomena?

2nd Nov 2003, 19:17
I was not here during those rough times, but I can provide a little insight on the Pastry-Wars of long ago, and I'll provide data on the KTF Wars as well! For free of course, but I tend to charge after the fifteenth sentence.

The Pastry Wars were never really officially declared an RPG, as they were more loose and more entertaining to participate in. From what I can guess, pastry in the galaxy of StarTopia was delcared contraband directly after a war between the rare food-stuff. It involved AlphaOmega (now the webmaster of StarTopia post and moderator of the boards, and several other members now long gone.

The KTF Wars was a war between Kermit the Frog and Krazy Kermit. Erm, we had a trial on who got to keep the name, "Kermit," and a war quickly followed. I used my then plagaristic fleet of Imperial Star Destroyers to quickly blow the Kermit the Frog planet to star-stuff, but a random event in our beloved space time warped the entire civilization a million years into the future. Obviously they were pissed, and billions died later after their Frog-Fighters obliterated huge chunks of various fleets. It died, but it was still entertaining.

I am a heathen according to the religion of the Sky-Goat, so I would know nothing about that. I warship the Sky-LEGO and Sky-Mecha instead. In fact, the latter is actually my computer's background!

2nd Nov 2003, 20:49
Fascinating. Though I believe that I shall continue worshipping the Sky Satellite. :D

2nd Nov 2003, 20:51
Check out our archives for the Sky-Goat saga.

Also if you search for a topic Jilted At the Alter you may find the first Sky-Goat reference...

2nd Nov 2003, 21:41
Oh holy Sky Goat, blessed be thy name: Wilma.

2nd Nov 2003, 22:41
We need our lord to lead us through these perilous times!!

Come Oh Cheesy One!

Bathe Us In Splendour!

3rd Nov 2003, 22:23
Staticon my old matey, do you think you could reopen the Are you ro Blame thread? I've seen a lot worse go on for weeks before being closed, is this truly the prejudice agaisnt us StarTopians, or was it Dhama? SkyGoat(Wilma van Gudjonson) how I dislike his fascist-conservative-micheal-portillo ways. :D

5th Nov 2003, 08:36
Arctic - I am surprised at your comments about a fellow mod. :eek:

But seriously, dhama did not close the thread - he does not have mod powers on community chat. Also, having read the thread, I think that I would have closed it myself if someone else had not beaten me to it. The thread was showing classic symptoms of getting very personal. Sorry.

Still friends? :)

5th Nov 2003, 22:55
No question :D