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2nd Nov 2003, 06:34
If you stun or avoid Anna Navarre rather than killing her, does Gunther still go after you? If so, how would you rationalize it? Is her head sensitive to electricity for some reason, resulting in her brain-death if you use the prod on her? Does she have a kill button on her body that results in her death should you thwack her with the baton?

FuriousNoob >:-(
17th Nov 2003, 15:30
I know there is a glitch that u can use to get past her without killing her. I don't know what it is but I do know that the game just treats her as being dead.

17th Nov 2003, 17:16
Not exactly a glitch. If you wound her just enough, she will no longer be able to harm you. Of course, Alex won't give you the key, but if you make enough noise by the door, Scott (the guard by the retinal scanner) will come down to investigate and open the door.

Some folks say it's a bug. I say it's evidence of open-option game play.

Why does that last line sound like something Shodan would say?

Bio Denton
17th Nov 2003, 22:31
Did you just get back from Media Training, Cat? :p