View Full Version : Create A Wrestler Questions!!!

1st Nov 2003, 19:20
I just read a review at EB games that says that you can't choose your special move, that you can only choose your character model, but most websites say you can edit your movelists. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN THE PROCESS TO ME!!!

TrYggA FinGGa
2nd Nov 2003, 08:22
You can edit your special move by using the ATTACK STYLE option.. however there are no previews for the attacks.. you just have to try them out .. you can also edit your throws and slams .. to preview the slams and throws go to media room there you will find the previews for the moves.. hope that helps and good luck :)

2nd Nov 2003, 19:41
thanks man. I just have one more question. Can you change the skin color of the preset body models in CAW mode?

TrYggA FinGGa
3rd Nov 2003, 05:46
yes .. on the model change costume.. there are several costumes and then the skin color will change and the same several costumes.. so just check all the costumes for your model .. hope that helps