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1st Nov 2003, 10:52
Hello There!
I use a dual screen system: primary is a LCD 17" and secondary is a CRT 15". For LCDs won't be absolutely dark I would like to play Thief on the CRT. How can I manage this. I use a radeon 9600 pro card. The hardware options in thief only show me the primary driver, not the secondary.

Thanks for hints, Ed

2nd Nov 2003, 05:15
Just something off the top of my head before hitting the sack. Couldn't you specify which is the primary display card in the BIOS? Mine (which is a little over 3 years old) lets me choose the AGP or PCI card as the display device. But maybe that's only what gets used during bootup.

The ATI software didn't add any properties panels to the Display applet to let you switch which monitor is primary (or which is the currently used monitor)?

2nd Nov 2003, 09:58
My card has two outputs. For the LCD has the better image, I use it as primary. In the displaycard properties I can set, witch outpot is primary and witch is secondary. But as Thief, most programs use the primary output as default. I will try to change this setting and see if it satisfies.

Thanks for your hint, Ed

2nd Nov 2003, 10:36
I tried it. It works very well. :)

Many thanks, Ed