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31st Oct 2003, 23:31
Check out the new trailer on Eidos' US site. It's Raz-tastic

Matthew Danvers
31st Oct 2003, 23:43
Who? What? Where? Woah!

They certainly aren't pulling no punches. This is another one of those LOK-D days. "The real radioactive stuff!"

Only some numbers per cents more and I will be swimming in Raz-tastic... euh... ness... sss...

Many thanks for sharing, KainsLN! :)

- Matt

Camus Audron
31st Oct 2003, 23:53
whoa...saw 0:30 ? there was a Raziel Clan symbol on the floor( I guess the new portal marker, since the old one was EG's) and the creatures he fought, I think were the same mysterious hylden/ancient specters we've seen...and they were pulling some lighting on raz...do you think it was TK? or maybe it was just something like the wraith's soul sucking, only with much more range.

there were some SRdemon esque walls on the place, and they had the same drawings hylden city had...with green dethstars and such

31st Oct 2003, 23:59
I believe the clan symbol marker is Raziel's checkpoint symbol. That's how Kain's works.

Matthew Danvers
1st Nov 2003, 00:27
Originally posted by Camus Audron
... the same drawings hylden city had...with green dethstars and such

Hehe, you know, I thought they kinda looked like Death Stars myself, a long time ago.

Yeah, the controversial Hylden slash Ancient Skeletal Mages were awesome in this trailer. So it seems they have another attack, besides that... euh... Scorpion Sting Attack and that Blue Sphere. I mean... Whatever. The light-show definitely made me remember fights with the Vampire Wraiths back in LOK-SR. I mean, are they Vampire Wraiths? They were very cool, though, just like the Mages in Enclave. The trailer was awesome! It was excellent seeing Raziel beholding his Wraith Blade in the manner he did. I wonder, had he just forged the Water Reaver or was he merely investigating his Material Wraith Blade? Euh... It's hard to tell the difference between those two. I guess the first one's more blue-ish and the latter one's more purple-ish. Meh.

Oh, wait a minute. I forgot something - I'm a moron. That's the Wind Reaver. Geez-the-whizz. I-I'm gonna need those new glasses...

- Matt

1st Nov 2003, 04:57
Hello I just saw the new trailer and looked cool especailly the new move Raziel did in midair it was awesome when he spinned around like a helicopter. This game gonna rock like HELL BABY OH YEAH!!!! I can't wait until I do that move glad for me I am good at fighting games.

1st Nov 2003, 07:05
Wow.:eek: Very nice!

1st Nov 2003, 08:47
I'm highly impressed. This game cant come out soon enough :p


1st Nov 2003, 12:48
Woow! Thanks for informing me since the official site doesn't mention anything.. :D

1st Nov 2003, 12:57

*dies then shifts to the spectral realm*


1st Nov 2003, 13:00
I hope they'll realise a higher quality version later on, but for now it's still pretty cool :D

1st Nov 2003, 13:12
Oh Yeah! Go Raz Go!!!!!!!

That spinning move rulz!

1st Nov 2003, 13:44
there are no words to explain my joy!
Raziel could SO kick kain's butt!

1st Nov 2003, 14:19
Yeah and it looks better each time I watch it- over and over and over...........:D

1st Nov 2003, 15:35
Man these game will be the Best action game of the Legacy of kain series ...

They have really improved the ACTION part from the previous series

Now you can kick some Big *** and really ENJOY it without PUZZLE wandering destroying your experience all the time
or making the same and the same moves and magic to win your enemies

Man i can not wait :D

1st Nov 2003, 15:39
Originally posted by fneh
there are no words to explain my joy!
Raziel could SO kick kain's butt!

I can hardly say that... :)
Kain is a DEMIGOD in these series while Raziel is something like a Demon these time
Kain seems a little Superior in POWER (I am not talking about the moves\combos)

Anyway we will see from the game who is the best and why :)

18 November is not soon at all :(

1st Nov 2003, 15:44
dont worry the better quality version will be released on the 12th as u play that part of the game

1st Nov 2003, 16:13
Thanks KainsLN for this valuable bit of info.

1st Nov 2003, 17:04
Originally posted by fneh
Raziel could SO kick kain's butt!

We've seen him try twice. Each time, Kain has beaten Raziel rather badly.

1st Nov 2003, 17:57
Having watched both trailers I noticed something.

Crystal Dynamics said that you must always be in motion in order not to be hit by enemies, because they will attack you even if you concentrate on one enemy.

Now, sometimes in the trailers you can see that the enemies wait until Kain or Raziel finished off one of them until they attack.

RA Fox
1st Nov 2003, 18:34
Agree with that. I saw this thing , too.

Matthew Danvers
1st Nov 2003, 18:48
Oh nos! Now LOK-D's gonna suck! :eek:

Worst. Game. Ever.

- Matt

RA Fox
1st Nov 2003, 18:59
Yep... It will suck now... blood :D

Evelin The Winged
1st Nov 2003, 19:55
Souls, too. Don't forget those...

Ok, finished watching it (I'm planning on watching it a couple dozen more times after editing this post) and THIS IS BLOODY BRILLIANT!

2nd Nov 2003, 12:30
Originally posted by JANOS_KING_OF_VAMPIRES
dont worry the better quality version will be released on the 12th as u play that part of the game

LOL! good point :D

2nd Nov 2003, 15:34
Ok, I've watched it over 50 times now......AND IT STILL ROCKS! :D

3rd Nov 2003, 05:39
0:42 What are those things? Hylden? They have the spike/tendrils or their backs like those critters in the spectral, only these are in the material!

Divine Soul
3rd Nov 2003, 07:03
Very nice clip, thanks for sharing. I especially like one of his new moves where he uses an elemental burst from the wraith blade to push off or kill multiple enemies.

3rd Nov 2003, 09:29
I thought it was boring because it is nothin new really, i just want defiance and i am getting tired of these trailers they are all the same, ohh well at least i will have the good stuff in 9 days.

3rd Nov 2003, 21:20
This was a nice treat to start my work day..and continue it with and end with hehehe :D , The action is looking much better and from the all the movies and screen shots I am pleased with some of the enemies that you will encounter. My only worry and desire is that the Boss fights will be intense. I can't wait to play this!!!