View Full Version : At last, some tomb raider 7 news- Check it out

31st Oct 2003, 20:16
Well not much, but those worrying about crystal dynamics changing laras image, have no fear. Check out the link below:


31st Oct 2003, 21:26
Thanks for the report :D .

31st Oct 2003, 21:30
Thanks for the link! :D It's finally good to hear something!

And it's good to know that AoD really is selling well now. :)

1st Nov 2003, 17:27
Do not fear not! What do you say about this? :mad:


1st Nov 2003, 17:54
Originally posted by Jorge22
Do not fear not! What do you say about this? :mad:


Lara's appearance and image are two different things. The link I posted explains that Lara's image will always remain "a english rose."

The new news one Lara being manga doesn't mean she will be japanese, she will always be the Lara we all love, but the big difference this time is that she will have a new appearence.


1st Nov 2003, 19:30
I don't think this is going to be a wise-move on CD's part....

1st Nov 2003, 19:51
Originally posted by Jorge22
What do you say about this? :mad:


Anime?! They want to make it more anime!? I think in the words of the traditional Lara Croft "bloody hell" fits nicely.... :mad:

2nd Nov 2003, 22:21
The number of rumours, assumptions and wild guesses is increasing. What is really needed now is a clear statement from Eidos :mad: . There are plenty of questions to be answered:

- Will AoD's planned trilogy be completed?
- Will Lara become a teddy-eyed doll?
- Will Kurtis ever learn to swim :D ?

Please Eidos, give us something to think about - at least we can do something until June 2005!

John Carter
2nd Nov 2003, 23:28
Hmm, Deckard, about as much chance of learning stuff directly from the source here on this board as of you retiring a Nexus-6 without getting the crap beat out of you first.

DJ Hoyt
3rd Nov 2003, 06:10
I thought they switched to CD because Core was sucking (especially with AoD). A wise move would to change the gameplay slightly and don't have auto aim, but actually aim yourself and move around more like the characters in Splinter Cell. BUT GOD! I am so sick of this anime manga take over that's happening in the US. PLEASE Let it not take over Lara Croft too... god. I mean, they're making great games with cell-shading technology, which sucks. Just make her look more real. I mean come on. You're going to be competing with the likes of Starcraft Ghost and Half-Life 2. It wouldn't be wise to just have an anime-styled Lara Croft. Please let this only be a rumor!

*collapses in a crying heap*


3rd Nov 2003, 19:39
Since the tomb raider series is already ruined, further scrutiny of the series, in my opinion, is hilarious and entertaining. I mean TR has already reached the point of no return so lets see how rediculous they can get it, and what better step then to make it Manga-influenced? Just sit back and enjoy the train wreck... complaining will get you nowhere. IF YOU HAVENT LEARNED BY NOW THEY.. they dont listen to the fans (hence AOD).

3rd Nov 2003, 20:49
A challenge and the resulting struggle always reminds me to be alive John C. - but somtimes I could do without ;) .

Indeed, expecting Eidos/Core/CD to hand out any kind of "official" information about TR - here or anywhere - is like winning a lottery: theoretically it might happen ... :D .
But I still haven't lost all hope. Not bc I think that Eidos/Core/CD *care* about TR or the fans=customers. Nope.
Simply bc AoD - as all previous editions of TR - sells remarkably well, everything considered. It is a measurable fact that millions of copies of AoD were sold!

I'm quite convinced there will be a TR7. I just am very confused how they will resolve the problems resulting from the transition of the responsibility for the development from Core to CD. And I'm not the only one being confused ... isn't it Eidos? :D

DJ Hoyt
3rd Nov 2003, 20:51
but aren't fans the ones that buy the games and give them more money? You'd think they'd be ASKING for our opinions. lol, oh well. Time to wait 2-3 more years for a trashy manga-influenced tomb raider.

Will the 3rd movie be an anime?! :rolleyes:

3rd Nov 2003, 20:52
Originally posted by DJ Hoyt

Will the 3rd movie be an anime?! :rolleyes:

Oh, dear God, I hope not....