View Full Version : 4 Converts To Thief!

31st Oct 2003, 07:40
All praise the Builder!

Here's the story... I get to bring my laptop to me with work, because it's pretty boring up there. Well, on a lark I decided to load up Thief and Thief 2 onto my laptop to see how they'd run. (They run perfectly, btw.) Well, my boss, the 1st assistant, and two floor employees saw me playing, and now they're all wanting to borrow my game!

So, I went out and bought two copies of the platnium combo pack and I'm going to give them out tomorrow at work. And I'm hearing they can't wait until T3, either.


31st Oct 2003, 18:06
1. If that were I, I would have been fired.

2. Way to go! :D

1st Nov 2003, 17:35
That's my boy! The more the merrier :D

Is your friend (the one you got the TGOLD from me for), still playing. And how are you and Lochnessa doing. Things have settled down since the wedding I presume, and I hope all is well.