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31st Oct 2003, 05:09
I waited a long time for a "Backyard wrestling game", and when finally one was on the way, i waited and waited. about 8-9 weeks went by of me waiting. i went to stores on the day of the release to find that no one had it. so i waited another week for there shipments. FINALLY i got the game. i popped it into my xbox and thought, wow! why the hell did i wait that long? cause it wasnt a wrestling game. A wrestling game is a game in which you beat the **** out of your opponent, till they are not moving. then pinning them, like "real" backyard wrestling. This game, was not a wrestling game at all. it was a fighting game. Just a pure fighting game, and a bad one at that. i played it for a bout a week, beat it numerous times, figured out that once you beat the game and watch all the videos (which is easily done in 5-7 hours) the game has no point. i thought, well...ill keep it just long enough to play a multiplayer match. So i did and found out, that multiplayer sucks. With the rotating and irritating camera, and the lousy "rolling over tables" animation, it lacked in numerous ways. So after i figured out how much it lacked and sucked, i sold it for 20$ in store credit. So this just goes to show, this game is not to be boughten at all costs. maybe a rental, but you wont last the week without getting bored. And hell, to those who bought it, im sorry, because it doesnt even have any selling power.

An awesome consept, with flawed gameplay, and so it seems homing throwing objects (that are impossible to block), this game is more anoyying then fun or entertaining.

Now i appologize to anyone who gets offended by this post, with things like "You dont even know the fun factor of this game" or whatever the **** you want to say, i jsut posted this to inform people of this majorly flawed game before they ran out and bought it. And remember, you didnt make this game people, so you dont need to get defensive about my oppinion, which is the same as many people out there. ok im done *****ing.:mad: :( :confused:

Senor v2
31st Oct 2003, 16:24
i know what you mean i have sold it already after a week of playin, instead i ahve pre-ordered myself smackdown 5. A real wrestling game.

4th Nov 2003, 19:03
I think with that said, as far as WWE's new games coming out and the countless quotes of people saying "A real wrestling game" that we have been spoiled by the big corporations with these beautifully done games.

I liked this game. I thought it was a good buy, and I do enjoy playing it HOWEVER, the flaws suck and the homing weapons really suck and the fact that I can't just beat on my opponent for as long as I want really truely sucks ass. But I do like the game and chances are I'll get sick of it after a couple of months and sell it or something. No problem there. But I will be able to say I enjoyed it while I had it.