View Full Version : Help! "cripple nazi support" help"

30th Oct 2003, 22:50

I have the ****ing hardest time at this level. Its when you have to cripple nazi support. i do not have the time to do it.

you have to blow up at least 6 veicles and the oil thing and the house, but the tanks start to move after just 5 minutes or something, and if i miss one, nothing heppens, the games doesnt even say that its mission filed.

What i am doing wrong? how did you guys finish this level?
Please help me, i am going mad at this.


30th Oct 2003, 23:44
You can let them go as long as you have got rid of 6. Remember to blow out the oil tank and the munition building. Then you can finish it.

31st Oct 2003, 01:56
This was the first mission I played. Here is what I did.

Take out the enemies around the munition building and inside. Get your munitions. Hide both your men between the munitions building and the officers section behind the boxes where you likely dumped the bodies. Have sapper ready with his nades (grenades) and Lupin on auto fire with rifle (for the officer that will run out the building when the alarm goes off). When the patrol with the dog comes down and stops, toss a nade on them. That will set the alarm off and A TON of ememies come running down there to see what happened. Nade them too! That takes care of the enemy at the bottom of the camp.

Run Sapper over to the road and for the light armored vehiles you can just use nades. For the tanks, have sapper place bombs, then lie down back inside the compound (where you killed everyone) with his bazooka. You'll have to run out between tank deployments to place more bombs.

Make sure to leave yourself two bombs for the fuel dump and munitions buiding. All you're left with are the soldiers. Take out the guard in front of the barracks. Have sapper toss a Cocktail on the officer by the truck over the fence. When everyone comes running, toss a nade on them. The rest you can just pick off here and there.

Just make sure to save before setting off the alarm.