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30th Oct 2003, 17:01
I didn't play C2 for a year and a half when my computer was upgraded and when a mate mentioned C3 I thought i better complete C2. I did I WAS all excited to go home and play the new one, but there are some bad comments. I must admit that the demo sound wasn't so good, but I thought the proper game would be alright. I should find out in an hours time when I go home and start it.

30th Oct 2003, 20:38
so mate, what are your impressions after you tried the game?

3rd Nov 2003, 14:12
I like it, Its very hard though. No doubt I will get slated for that, but its very different than the others. I expect I will enjoy it more when I get a chance to really spend a few hours on it.

3rd Nov 2003, 15:53
For my own experience, I liked the game better than some other games I've purchased, but...

Many of the gripes you're seeing refer to the SHORT gameplay. Reading through the posts gives you a sense of exactly how long it took people to finish the game. It only took me 3 days to complete --- granted, I played a *lot* in those 3 days, but the same amount of time spent on Commandos2 wouldn't have found me nearly done with the game - maybe a couple of levels.

Half of the levels are not much bigger than a C2 bonus map (including interiors). With less-strategically placed enemies, the whole experience is just a bit lacking when compared to its predecessors. I had a strong appreciation in the first two installments (BEL/BTCOD) for unit placement --- it was obvious that someone spent a long time setting up the units in those games where you couldn't just waltz around their field of view and knife 'em - you had to plan a little better than that. C2 wasn't quite as harsh in that respect, but I can think of two levels in C3 that sort of came close to that experience (Infiltrate The Station and the exterior portion of Kill the Traitor), but only when I decided to clear the entire map of enemies.

The moving train level was unique to C3, and one of the most enjoyable levels in the game - seems like the building blocks for a truly great game were there in C3, maybe it just didn't have enough development/testing time to mature.

I'd definitely recommend purchasing it if you can get it for CHEAP. If you're not absolutely dying to play it, I'd definitely wait until the price came down.

Also, it seems that people that didn't play much of the earlier Commandos installments enjoyed the game quite a bit more.

3rd Nov 2003, 16:43
I only paid £23 for it so I thought that was quite good, i currenty really struggling to get anywhere on the levels so far, but I haven't had a chance to play it for a long period of time. Hopefully it will click and then I will be able to get going with it. I liked the demo and the fact that you couldn't leave your men in one place on the train or they would be spotted, but the level where you have to blow up the trucks and tanks is quite difficult because you have to be quick or they start leaving. I think my problem is that I liked to take my time in the old games and be really quiet, but this isn't the same.

4th Nov 2003, 04:46
That also seems to present a problem: timed missions. The concept seems interesting enough, however, it really decreases the alternate replay factor. I also like taking my time thru a mission and thinking up different ways to accomplish it. Almost impossible on the timed missions.

Personally, I haven't enjoyed replaying any of the missions than the ones MajorHealy mentions. And even at that, the 3rd time was no charm.

As Healy says, the unit placements prior to C2 were extremely well thought out. C2 was just so huge that it provide so many ways to complete. Additionally, many of the missions were quite interesting IMO. Some of the bonus missions were a lot of fun!

I replayed the first mission you mention a few times. Once you have it down to take out the enemy at the bottom of the map quickly, it's fun sneaking in an planting the dyno beside each tank and APC (and of course the fuel depo and munitions dump where you have all the guys tied up waiting to be blown :D). Then just blow it all up.

Tip for that mission (if intersted): As soon as it starts, you can take out the dog and patrol right away. Poison the meat, toss it just beside where they start off (they don't seem to care that the dog just passed out lol). Quickly switch to Sapper and toss a gas nade at the patrol while it's still standing in it's start position. Mask up, tie em up, and stash the bodies :D

Well, I hope you get some enjoyment out of it. Before you know it, it's over. :(

4th Nov 2003, 17:46
Beef you sound like my brother we think alike so much as you can see my my posts. C3 will die quickly patch or no patch.

5th Nov 2003, 03:07
Originally posted by Twitch
Beef you sound like my brother we think alike so much as you can see my my posts. C3 will die quickly patch or no patch.
You're probably right. But I really think a map pack would change so much for this game. Out of 12 small missions, it's really hard to find something replayable.

5th Nov 2003, 17:45
I hear ya but just adding a bunch more missions that don't function well ain't the answer. There's lots else to fix 1st.