View Full Version : Just finished & some comments on the 3rd compaign.

30th Oct 2003, 16:32
Just finished the game last night. The last compaign--Normady is not as I expected when I accomplished 'Central Europe'.

First misson(Cripple Nazi Support) is quite exciting with plentiful explosives around. And I really enjoy using grenades to blow up the enemies instead of using rifles:D

Second one is really easy at the beginning. Clear the deck using marine's flying knife is just a piece of cake. But I was stuck on going into the building for the second magnetic bomb. Every time I tried to open the door, I was always shot and attacked immediately. At last, I managed to get into the small room in the north center of that building by running quickly through the enemy soldiers regardless of their attacks. Fortunately, they didn't follow me into that room, haha. Then I killed the only one in that room, got the bomb and crawled out to eliminated all of them.:D

I was quite disappointed when the last misson came. I didn't know that was the last mission when I played it. How can it be concluded by only one commando? Why not treat it as the last mission in C2 when all the commandos gathing all together in Paris? Even in the last mission of 1st, and 2nd compaign in C3, we have more people to be on the stage! Green leading a couple of infantries is defenitely not a good ending.

Altogether, I recommand Central Europe to be the best compaign in C3.

30th Oct 2003, 17:57
I'd agree, The central europe mission has everything, stealth at the train station (if you want!), use of spy at the next to distract and take out, then a race against time. The next mission is a piece of genius - on a train, one of the few missions that could actually happen, as the enemy wouldn't be able to call reinforcements at the first sign of trouble! and to finish a mission with a full on attack and you get to blow stuff up!

The first campaign is a but un realistic for me as with the last, but still fun to do!