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30th Oct 2003, 14:51
I think considering what was expected of C3, that being at least the features and fun of C2, we should get with a patch, a free map pack to bring the missions up to the 24 there should have been, and restore/add some features. List the features you'd like to see implemented.

Requested Features:
- Restore hotkeys
- Drivable vehicles (maybe a tank or two for fun old times? :p )
- Timer Cancel (so we can play those timed maps in different ways)
- Hidden goodies in cupboards etc in houses (need SOME reason to go in them - too many empty houses)
- Bring back the shift/control key functions in replace of auto-environment cursor
- Selectable difficulty level
- Bring back the trap
- Stones and wine bottles
- Player ranks (like C2 - something to strive for playing a 2nd time)
- Higher resolution (at least a 1024 option)
- Mine detector (with some mines of course :D)
- More use of Diver - his grappling hook is useless
- Fences that can be cut for alternate strategies (why supply the cutters? :x)
- HIDING PLACES - for commandos AND to stuff bodies (hey, that was fun :p )
- Ok I'm dreaming here but... REPLAYS!!! like WC3.
- And of course, some new interesting maps that can be replayed differently

Some of the things I'd like to see at least. Most of the fun of this game was taken away IMO.

Anytime you can storm the beach of Normandy and complete the entire mission with one ally while the rest of them and Tiny relax on the beach eating sandwiches and drinking beer is clearly a sign improvements are desperately needed.

They need to provide something to justify the cost of this game.

Does EIDOS even read these forums? Or is it a waste of breath requiring the game be sold on EBAY and fear of purchasing any more EIDOS games?

So the question is... should EIDOS/Pyro supply a free map pack and added features to justify the cost of this product?

30th Oct 2003, 15:29
Yeah this would all be nice for us loyal fans of the series.

One more feature. When my computer crashes, I would rather not lose all my saved games.

30th Oct 2003, 15:31
Originally posted by leonidas
Yeah this would all be nice for us loyal fans of the series.

One more feature. When my computer crashes, I would rather not lose all my saved games.
Well, I was trying to keep bugs separate from features but I hear ya lol. Fortunately for me, this has not happened... not one crash... but I would be pretty frustrated if that were the case.

30th Oct 2003, 20:27
hmm, i would rather pay 20$ and get all those features back + 20 maps ;)

what's free is boring :D

31st Oct 2003, 01:42
Originally posted by David
hmm, i would rather pay 20$ and get all those features back + 20 maps ;)

what's free is boring :D

Point being... we already paid for them. They should have been in this unfinished version of the game. I'm not paying another $20 for a game that was only worth $25. One weekend of unchallenging gameplay does not equal $70 of entertainment. Sorry.

31st Oct 2003, 16:07
Right Beef. We already paid for it!!!!!!!!! Go into any C3 map and zoom out. Do the same in C2 and you'll see how tiny the C3 scenario is. Besides that the interiors were intricate and full of things to obtain. And this business of the mission ending when a commando gets killed is bull. At least in C2 you could continue on to get an idea of the mission before trying again.

And the damned gun ranges are ridiculous! Run C2 on Very Hard and look at the coverage area. Now do it in C3. It's like 1/4th the range with a narrower coverage cone.

Get over this obsession with racing the clock. Not having to do that made C2 a great game.

It would frankly be best if the game was pulled from retail and completely redone for 2005!!! :p

31st Oct 2003, 18:23
make the game MUCH more open for modders! now you almost cant do a ****ty thing!

btw, i am able to listen to the music files of c3 :)
doing it with music program called cool edit pro 2.
then i save the file as .wav and everyone can listen it after that!!

31st Oct 2003, 19:03
Sick, I believe they are in OGG format (MP3 like compression) which means any OGG converter should work.

31st Oct 2003, 20:19
what's free is boring
do you say this to your girlfriend after making whoopie?

31st Oct 2003, 22:21
LOL! thats a good one :p i meant pc sotware ;)

31st Oct 2003, 22:35
not talking about the ogg files, im talking about the "wav" files in the sonidos list, you cant open them with winamp...
and about the ogg files... i cant decode those...:(

1st Nov 2003, 13:32
I come from Greece and I spent almost 50 € for this game.........Since i have played all the previous ones, this one is far the MOST EASY, PREDICTABLE, AND SHORT LASTING of the series.....I still cry my money.........more missions, vehicles, objects, and GUNS PLZ!!!!!!

1st Nov 2003, 13:41
sick, if you have Nascar3 it comes with an OGG encoder. I don't know if it decodes back to wav, I never tried and I uninstalled the game. However, I'm pretty sure there must be OGG decoders on the net as it's becoming more popular. Try a search in google I guess.

I remember a OGG development kit from a while back, that came with an OGG.DLL. So if you are a programmer, you could also download that and write your own decoder quite easily (as the DLL does all of the streaming work for you).

Not sure what else to suggest.

1st Nov 2003, 22:50
the prob is that pyro are real bastards when it comes to coding the files:) there is some kinda line in, prolly, the exe file which edits the ogg file and plays the file after that. open the ogg file with a txt editor, scroll a bit to the right and you see a line like
DECODER: C3 OGG decoder (smth like that) so im sure it cant be opened with a normal ogg decoder...

2nd Nov 2003, 05:55
tom, another choice for us is to wait till someone smart ass will create decoders ;) unfortunately we might wait forever, or will get it tomroow. one cant know