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30th Oct 2003, 08:05
Well i had difficulty completeing this stage... the town juz gets swarmed by the nazis and how do i stop the convoy... i have diff shooting down the tanks and the armoured escorts

30th Oct 2003, 09:03
Right at the beginning, just have Sapper run to the main entrance and place the Tank mine in the middle, place some personal mines along the sides. Set up the allies lying down so they cover the entrances from an angle (so they can shoot before being seen). That's all there is to it. Don't even bother having Sniper snipe... just lie him down with the rest.

When the tank comes in (the tank mine won't destroy it alone) toss a nade at it and it will blow.

When the armored cars get into the archways, use sapper with the Panzafaust to blow them up. The trucks will stop and sit there. the one that comes in from the east has Tiny, Spy, and Lupin on it. Once it's stopped, just select them and have them exit and run them into the town center.

The trucks will just sit there without the escort and it will end when you have killed off all the enemies.

If you position the allies just right, they are all you need aside from sapper blowing up the escorts.

30th Oct 2003, 23:54
The positions of ally infantries are very important. they alone can take out all the enemy soldiers. Sapper will take care of the vehicles with a-t mine, gren, and other avalaible weapons around. Sniper is basiclly no use except deal with one or two enemy snipers around. This mission is real fun!

2nd Nov 2003, 15:28
Can someone put a screen shot of where I need to put the allies exactly?

9th Nov 2003, 18:20
Why don't my infantry shoot at the nazis when they're directly in their lines of sight in agressive mode? I even have them in good positions so they should (but don't) shoot at the nazis from a hidden angle in a surprise attack. After about 10 tries already, I think my infantry have managed to kill one nazi total.

This rotten stink of a game. And how convenient for all the nazis to carry guns that all have sniper rifle precision. And it's pretty dirty how this mission gives you only about a minute to position your infantry (not that it does any good) and put your commandos in a safe spot.

If this is how retarded the allies were in the war, I would have rather been a nazi.

9th Nov 2003, 21:36
It's better to have them lying down. They will shoot any thing in their yellow cone of sight. Make sure to press 'A' for auto fire. Also, if they are behind a box, they can't see to shoot. Put them in the open where they have a clear view of the entrances.

10th Nov 2003, 02:16
I know all about how to work the autotarget, aggressive mode stuff. I did play C2 (where aggressive mode worked much better and was better balanced.) But doing all the things you suggested rarely works as intended. But I did finally make it through that mission earlier today. It only took about 50 - 60 saves and reloads, Lol.

10th Nov 2003, 13:57
Originally posted by CurtX
It only took about 50 - 60 saves and reloads, Lol.

Spoiler alert

I was in CurtX's boat too --- got tired of saving and loading. Once I figured out what was going on, I restarted the mission, then immediately had my sapper set a tank mine for the convoy truck that would swing around from the west (the last one that would end up moving at the end of the mission). Then I hurried my allies (and sniper/sapper) up the stairs in the upper-right corner of the map (where the nazis had been standing at attention in the previous mission and the one nazi was doing push-ups). I then allowed all of the nazis to swarm in. I stopped the first armored convoy truck with a grenade, and the second one was stopped with the anti-tank mine w/o my immediate intervention (although you do need to save a grenade or bazooka shell to finish taking him out).

At that point, it was just a matter of moving around the board and taking out nazis, which you could do with or without the allied soldiers. That's about the closest to "Commandos-style" I could make this mission.

11th Nov 2003, 02:39
I guess I got lucky the first time through it. I wasn't sure if there was something outside the town square that I was supposed to do but I just saw the 3 entrances and thought I'd better hurry to cover them with the allies cuz I saw the emeny starting to storm the area. I just lied Sniper and Sapper down out of harms way but in defensive positions on autofire.

When the tank came I fired off the bazooka a few times in the main entrance, which took some enemy with it. Then did the same for the armored cars plus a nade or two (ran out of bazooka ammo). Used some of my bazooka shots on large groups of enemy lol.

I checked to see if Tiny and the others were selectable, and exited them from the truck although I wasn't sure where they were so I just made them run from "where ever" to the town center.

I lost 2 allies and the next thing I knew a few mins later all the enemy was dead, and it said "Completed mission".

I had more fun playing that mission the 2nd time when I had a better idea of what the enemy were going to do. That's when the mines came in handy :D