View Full Version : transfering 'saves' to new install

30th Oct 2003, 02:37
Hi All,

i'm about to reformat the drive on my games PC and was hoping someone could help me with what files i need to back up to keep my saves etc for Deus Ex.



30th Oct 2003, 14:10
If I remember correctly, there is a directory named "save" or "savegames", in the installation directory.

you just have to copy this directory (each saved game is around 30 Mb, so you should do a network copy on an other computer or burn it on a CD, since floppy will take a loooooong time)

30th Oct 2003, 15:49
I'm not sure it's as simple as that. I've never tried it myself, but from what I remember from old posts (and I mean old) JC's characteristics (skin colour, skills, etc) are stored in .ini files, and you'll need those too. Maybe deusex.ini and/or user.ini in the /system folder.

I don't know for sure, though. :(

30th Oct 2003, 16:22
well, I usually play with the default settings, so I didn't bother about these files.

(ok I had to redo all my keyboard settings, abut the saves where OK)