View Full Version : Commandos 3 just blows!

30th Oct 2003, 02:07
What a bunch of crap! :mad:

800x600 ?!?!!? YOU ARE JOKING?! Even 3 years ago a game like Diablo II was just plain stupid to run 800x600, and now in 2003 with hardware like P4 2Ghz +, 9700 PRO/9800 to release a game with 800x600 is just plain retarded.

New 3 coasters for the bar I guess :mad:

30th Oct 2003, 02:53
Damn it! Why wasn't I told about this before now!?? Mary, get Eidos on the line, Bob send email to Pyro and demand an explanation, Jeff log on to the forum and post this...What? Damn it all, I don't care if it's been posted 20 times before, post it!!...Where's Twitch? What? Playing Diablo II! Get him out here so he sees this...

30th Oct 2003, 16:02
Hahaha! Weiner I'm on your side here! IF 800x600 was the ONLY problem with this turkey we'd all be cruising now but are stuck with this sick puppy.