View Full Version : Forget about IW!!!

Big Ragu
30th Oct 2003, 01:30
Man, dosn't backyard wrestling look soooo awesome, I bet it'll beat IW hands down!!!!

30th Oct 2003, 08:30
I wonder why there is no choice to apply the three first choices simultaneously...

The Grimpond
6th Nov 2003, 01:39

17th Nov 2003, 04:24
*smiles, activates nanite detonator*

17th Nov 2003, 14:31
well, apparently, all 3 solutions are equally attractive. I suggest we DO apply all of them

Big Ragu
17th Nov 2003, 22:36
Guys, it was just a joke, hehehe, get it? Hey, put down those bricks! What are you doing with that ant farm? Hey, I didn't ask for staples! No guys, WAIT!!

17th Nov 2003, 22:53
I hope you opted for the healing augmentation and have plenty of biocells. ;)

Wild Ambition
15th Dec 2003, 06:44
I vote for doing all three plus having the Grey leader perform something nasty to 'em. Something that would most likely involve chicken feathers, cod liver oil, a flaming penguin, and a very, VERY depraved walrus.

The Platinum Shadow
15th Dec 2003, 21:29
You picked the wrong game to flame punk! A.T

15th Dec 2003, 22:25
actually, I have to go for option 4! The damn thing won't run on my computer, and I therefore hold a grudge against it for life!!!!!:mad:

15th Dec 2003, 22:27
but apart from that, peeling his skin off slowly and making him roll around in salt sounds like a good idea :D

4th Feb 2004, 21:59
I pick the first three.