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29th Oct 2003, 16:36
As much as i prefer this version to CM2 i really don't think it should be allowed for games to be this rushed.

I enjoy playing this but i'm gonna have to put it down until the patch is released. Got to the end of Stlaingrad 3rd mission...


So i started on 2nd batch.

Take contriol of train


So i'm either gonna have to wait until a level skip comes out or a patch before i start playing again.

I won't be recommending this game to anyone.

29th Oct 2003, 20:19
I won't be recommending this game to anyone
not to rub it in but this doesn't happen on my system so let's do the math.

game = Commandos 3
system = system bad
results = crash

game = Commandos 3
system = system different
results = no problems

math hint #1 - pay attention to the bold type.

it might be a good idea to add your crash problems and system specs to the bug thread so it's on record.

29th Oct 2003, 20:44
I am doing the math look at all the people on here having the same save game problem when the game crashes and goes to desktop.

I only had outlook express running in the background like i do on any other game i play.


I actually emailed a well known pc magazine in the uk and they informed me that they are reviewing the game this month and have had more complaint about this half finished game than any other they can remember.

The thing that is most annoying for me is CM2 was just as unstable although i didnt lose save games. Yet whats been learnt, nothing.

The games clearly half finished a it's a disgrace that it's been allowed on the shelves. If there is to be a cm4 i will definately steer well clear until i know it's bug free.

Here's waiting for a patch till i play again.

29th Oct 2003, 23:05
Originally posted by dannyjo22
If there is to be a cm4 i will definately steer well clear until i know it's bug free.

I have never played a bug-free game. (and probably never will).

30th Oct 2003, 08:59
Ok little bugs i can take but these destroy the whole game. Once you lose your saves a couple of times you lose the will to carry on.

A couple of months late and the release couldve been the best Commandos game yet.

30th Oct 2003, 10:32
Originally posted by dannyjo22
Ok little bugs i can take but these destroy the whole game. Once you lose your saves a couple of times you lose the will to carry on.

Just for the record, you don't lose your save games. The game just messes up profile which results in the save games not being recognized. Yes, this is bug and it shouldn't be happening, but the actual save game files are still on the drive, and that means you can load them (with some effort).

30th Oct 2003, 11:15
And like I posted in the sticky thread about save game you can prevent the 'deletion' of your save games by creating an extra profile that way your profile will remain untouched.

30th Oct 2003, 11:43
Yeah thanks for that but i just can't be bothered to fight my way through levels 1 and 2 on stalingrad and the first few on berlin to get back to where i was.

Il wait for the patch and a level skip then start again.

30th Oct 2003, 12:16
im very lucky because i didnt get any crashes from the first mission to the last . but it still took me 4 days to finish the game.(some brothers took just 1 day to complete... that's awesome)

30th Oct 2003, 15:56
dannyjo22- It doesn't matter that you have one TSR running like outlook. I have a utility I've used for years called EndItAll that shuts down everything non-essental in Windows and go into a game from a fresh boot so I have as much system resources as possible. There are other bugs at work here.

Up to about 1996 there WERE bug free games that never crashed or needed patches due to poor quality or sloppy code writing. They were quite complex like todays but without the "gee whiz" graphics. As eye candy became more important problems crept up on us. If one looks at the files of most any game today it is easy to see that the majority of those files are graphics related.

It is very tiresome to realize that all games have faults and we must accept them. Why? Folks today are tired of being unwitting beta testers after paying for a "finished" product.

30th Oct 2003, 20:36
there is no such thing as bug free game. even doom1/2 crashed from time to time!!! wolf3d also, but exremely rarely.
i guess games were so much easier in old days mate, then they are today. compare couple mb game from 90's and hugies we have now. it is just not enough time to corect everything. (no excuse for lame bugs in c3 though!)

31st Oct 2003, 16:58
I have been into games, principally combat flight sims since 1987. I never played doom or wolf but I can tell you that flight sims are graphics intensive with the continual repainting of the screen as the terrain unfolds and they didn't crash. They still don't. And they didn't/don't have huge flaws or things that make them user-unfriendly. They all have re-mappable control keys in addition to joystick input support from dozens of manufacturers' controllers. They have mission generators and campaigns with lengths to keep the gamer into it for a long time. Most today are writen in plain language to make modding easy and encouraged. Their maps create a gigantic world of 1000s of square miles.

Have there been other bum RTS combat games, combat sims, and flight sims? Yes. I've reviewed many over the past 12 years for print and online publications.

Again, there WERE bug free games that were user friendly and lengthy and full of features. I didn't say they all were. But the crummy ones died quick painful deaths. Today the workable ones that produce good value for $$ without flaws needing immediate patches are rare indeed.

If one looks at the files of a game it is easy to see that the majority of MB is in graphics files. Just because a game today is more complicated due to huge numbers of lines of code is like saying todays cars are hugely more complicated than decades ago so you should just expect to to get faulty ones since everyone makes them that way.

But why should that be OK to get less for you $$ when in almost every other industry you get more for your $$?

2nd Nov 2003, 04:11
Originally posted by Xcom
I have never played a bug-free game. (and probably never will).
I have!
It was called Commandos 2...

2nd Nov 2003, 04:15
have you tried to throw an enemy's body to the sea or river from miles away in commandos2? i have. n that is called "a bug":o

2nd Nov 2003, 05:48
c2 crashes quite recently! also tehre is some game bugs too. like divers harpoon ;) but it is usefull one.

actualy chess is bug free game. or tetris :p

2nd Nov 2003, 18:10
Originally posted by Get_It
I have!
It was called Commandos 2...
I guess you never downloaded the C2 patch. In the original, I suppose you never noticed that the spy could pick up an armed bomb and carry it (dressed in Nazi uniform) into any building, walk out, then let the Sapper blow everyone up.