View Full Version : What do You think about new Defiance ingame camera?

RA Fox
29th Oct 2003, 15:42
Judge only by trailers , do not judge by Your own specualtions. Because we haven't seen the game camera from our perspective and it could be a different from what it feels now.

29th Oct 2003, 18:02
the defiance camera isn't static..... It's just an improved SR2 camera. You always have control over it. Chris said so himself.

29th Oct 2003, 19:35
what the hell are you talking about? I was merely pointing out that it's futile to choose a fav camera when we haven't even use one of the options. We can hardly form an opinion from the videos available can we? To me the biggest part of the SR2 and BO2 cameras was that you could move it about with the analog sticks. It's how the camera PLAYs not how it is to watch someone else playing.

take your post serisouly? well I didn't think it was a joke topic so what do you expect me to do? Of course I took your post seriously....:confused: :confused:

29th Oct 2003, 21:44
Wow, people will argue about anything these days.

29th Oct 2003, 21:49
I think maybe there is a little confusion on the way the camera works.

It's not static like in Resident Evil, and it doesn't follow behind the player like in SR2 or BO2. It's a cinematic camera, like in Ico, where it will follow the characters from different angles and distances depending on where they are in the game world. I think it's the best kind of camera for a game like Defiance, because it makes it look like a film.

It is also possible to switch into the lookaround mode from the SR games if you want to examine something in detail, and I think you can nudge it a bit too in the normal mode.

29th Oct 2003, 22:39

SR1 and SR2 had the same camera. There were one or two places where it switched to a cinematic kind of thing (like the high jump section in the Underworld), but other than that, it was the same elastic follow-cam.

Kain The Ancient
29th Oct 2003, 22:57
So far , it looks great , but I saw a few videos where the camera was too far away from Kain/Raziel and the action. It was one of my biggest gripe about DMC2 (Ok everything plain sucks in DMC2) , since during about 90% of the game all you saw was a rather small Dante fighting small enemies in a big environment , unlike in DMC1 , where the camera would always remain pretty close to Dante , allowing you to gauge the enemy distance better and to feel more "In the action".

The video I saw which scared me was the courtyard with Kain (The one where Kain starts in the glass house and finishes at a strange door he use fire to open). Most of the camera views were really far away , and while it was cool to see the cool scenery well , when enemies started to pop out , I was hoping the camera was going to close up on Kain , but it only did when he impaled or neck bit his enemies.

29th Oct 2003, 23:36
In one of the trailers I saw Kain jumping around a courtyard and the camera was so far away it was kind of silly. Couldnt really see where the guy was trying to jump. I guess it doesnt matter- you probably arent supposed to go there anyway.

Other than that, I thought it was cool, but I may prefer SR2's combat cam. Have to play Defiance to really see.

Kain The Ancient
30th Oct 2003, 00:02
Here's a map of the garden I was talking about. I stated it like a normal map, but I said screw this , I'm making it like an abstract painting , so hopefully you'll understand what it's supposed to look like.


Hehe , can you say "Too much free time on my hands". The grey square part is the glass house , the round thing that looks strange near it is a statue thingy , the stairs are a the part that looks like a L , the dome at the end is the strange dome with a winged statue and a door where you light 6 fires to proceed , and the green stuff are trees.

Kain The Ancient
30th Oct 2003, 00:30

Omg , wtf is that . A demonic door knocking device , a skin for a vorador like character , or ..... THE ALMIGHTY OWL FARTER idol lost in the great flood a millenium ago.

30th Oct 2003, 09:43
For example, in SR1 there was a button (ctrl I think) for free look. You didn't have to use the mouse.

Actually, you can do this in SR2 just fine as well. When playing with keyboard only you can configure a button to the 'lookaround' action, which has exactly this functionality.

30th Oct 2003, 11:00
It would be nice Eidos released a playbale demo to see how the camera will work...and general how the game will really be :)

31st Oct 2003, 00:38
I never found it! how is it done?

It's in the same place as where you can configure all other keys. The problem you are probably have is that your control type is set to 'mouse+keyboard', not to just 'keyboard'.

Depending on what control type you choose there will be different actions to configure. I think 'lookaround' is only there for keyboard and keyboard+gamepad options, as it's not needed in the keyboard+mouse config, there you just use the mouse.

- Jurjen