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29th Oct 2003, 15:24
Hello I wanted to point this out that there is four trailers right now and probably a fifth trailer not the fourth. If you go to Eidos's site there are actually four trailers there not three like on the official site. There is the one with old music in it from SR2 and shows different scenes of Kain and Raziel. It starts out with there is know weapon or hero and etc. that line we all know. The one thread with the Trailer 4 should be trailer five because there is already four trailers. On the site there will be four, but on Eidos's site there will be five just to clear this up because everyone is hoping the next trailer will have Raziel in it I believe so they're just showing views of Kain being in the game more because most of us played Raziel not Kain only played him in BO1 and 2, but his younger self. So if you check this trailer out you know what I mean there is four right now not three just to clear this up for anyone.:)

29th Oct 2003, 15:51
thanks dark maiden:)
and i think there are also confusion with the movies at gamespot
(the intro for exemple) witch are not officials trailers.

we all wait this last trailer.