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29th Oct 2003, 15:12
Hi all,

Could you please tell me how to kill the German sniper? When my Sniper go into the house and look out from the window, I will be killed by the German at once, no chance to kill the enemy's sniper. Could you please give me some hints? Thank you.

29th Oct 2003, 22:27

This is what you have to do:
First you have to take out an enemy soldier who is next to sniper.You can´t see him,so press F5 and then you will see him,he is 10 meters north from sniper,next to church´s wall.Eliminate him and enemy soldier who is right next to fountain.Wait for 2 minutes.Sniper will change position.You have to go on your HQ first floor.When you are up go to first window from right side.Click view,take your sniper and do the job:D

30th Oct 2003, 09:40
You can also do it pretty quickly from outside. Have your Sniper crawl to the east so that he can see the soldier beside the fountain and kill him. Then crawl towards the fountain, but below it. Keep crawling west using the fountain as cover and by the time you come out on the west side of the fountain the sniper has moved over there... just select your sniper riffle, keep aim on the sniper, and crawl out into the open and shoot him before he shoots you (just wait for it to turn from red to clear).

30th Oct 2003, 10:41
you don't have to kill anybody just move to the south , then you'll see that the sniper is moving . Then get to the HQ and do as bubba091 says.When you are at the window just change the angle of view to see the sniper.

30th Oct 2003, 16:05
Yes, the key point for this mission is move. When you move to one direction, the sniper will move the opposite side. Then kill him on the way. Use buildings and fountain as covers.