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29th Oct 2003, 09:42
Hi All,

I was shocked to see the "Congratulatiosns & Credits" when I completed "Storm The Beach" mission at Normandy. That's ALL??? After a long wait and that's all??? Gosh...

Sad to say I find that Commandos 3 is one of the shortest Commanodos game I played so far... I'm very disappointed. All mission are so short and the objectives are not clear enough like in the last few Commandos.

I'm a crazy fan of Commandos and find this one no kick although the graphics are excellent the scenes and sound are great!

Sigh... Hope they are working on Commandos 4 if not I find that this is not an exciting one to end with..

Commandos 3 :

- Basic Training
- Advanced Training

- Eliminate The Sniper
- Protect General O' Donnell
- Kill The Traitor

- Infiltrate The Station
- Board The Train
- Stop Bomb Deployment
- Get To The Engine
- Take Control Of The Town
- Ambus The Convoy

- Cripple Nazi Support
- Destroy The Warships
- STorm The Beach


Did I miss out any missions? Shouldn't be cos' I started from Stalingrad to the end...


29th Oct 2003, 09:47
Nope, you missed nothing... unless they have them hidden somewhere safe. One weekend of playing the game and that was it.

I won't bother looking at C4 unless they offer up some bonus maps or a free map pack for C3 to ensure the product value meets the purchase cost (which currently is only about 1/3).

But, I know how you feel... I sat through the credits thinking... ok, something is going to come up... like a bonus for playing well or whatever... nope! :(

29th Oct 2003, 09:52
Yes I total agree with you. I was also hoping that something like that can appear... but nothing at all.. It's not worth the money...

Like the old Commandos series, they have so many characters and abilities although not many new weapons. many bonus map rounds and so on.. Now it's like kill, destroy and that's it.

Pretty disappointed.. yeah maybe you are right why bother about C4 if there is unless they can guarantee us something...


2nd Nov 2003, 04:16
Yep, need more missions :o
I finished the game in 2 days, and another portuguese in 1 day!!! :eek:

2nd Nov 2003, 05:27
you just have too much time to play the game ;)
and beef guy, dont expect free map pack!

3rd Nov 2003, 14:32
I expect free, I demand free, the game is full of bugs and we got to pay for the map pack!? No way!

4th Nov 2003, 05:15
Originally posted by David
you just have too much time to play the game ;)
and beef guy, dont expect free map pack!
If you think repeatedly telling me not to expect anything is going to change my desire to voice my grievances, or requests, in that, you are wrong. Let’s take your approach; expect nothing, demand nothing, say nothing. Results? Nothing. Granted my approach may not yield any results, but it stands a far better chance, than does yours.

Does EIDOS desire to be in a complete minority of publishers which ignores consumer concerns and confidence? Time will tell. Perhaps what they require to wake them from complacency is some truthful journalism on national TV. Perhaps that can’t be ignored as easily as their forums. ;)

It could make for an interesting show; publishers that dump high priced, low quality software lacking substance, on the market. How well do software publishers listen to the consumer’s concerns compared to other industries? Hmmm. I can think of a few software publishers who would immediately come out on top, and a few who would rank below ground on the totem pole.

Thanks for eliciting the thought!

4th Nov 2003, 05:26
I agree MAP PACK or bust :D

For those of you who weren't around these forums when C2 was released, the level of complaint on this current title has far exceeded its predecesor..

The only way a Map pack might get released is by voicing your opinion in these forums

David why would you complain... you got it for free anyway