View Full Version : Strahov: Can't kill the man above the ladder

29th Oct 2003, 09:21

i can't kill the man above the ladder. Each time I climb the ladder he shoot me. He never move away to let me climb.

29th Oct 2003, 10:26
Just keep trying. Make sure the man doesn't spot Lara before she reaches the top of the stairs, choose a big gun to shoot him when you are in the room, and make sure your health is at maximum!

29th Oct 2003, 10:30
How many time have you waited before the guard move ?

I have waited during 5 minutes. The guard has his gun in the hands.

29th Oct 2003, 10:50
Grab your weapon and walk to the ladder. Stop at the point where lara aims at the guy, kill him and go up the ladder. That's how I did it. So just kill him before you go up the ladder.


29th Oct 2003, 10:54
Originally posted by us1111
The guard has his gun in the hands.
Well that means the guard spotted Lara before she began climbing the stairs.... So this means you should go back to a previous savegame or do what Tipsko suggested....

29th Oct 2003, 13:24
What's the way to enter the room without be spotted by the guard ?

I'm entered in stealth mode.

Do I need to open the other door of the room ?

29th Oct 2003, 13:33
oh, wait, now I remember! There are two enemies walking on the bridge? there are two doors indeed to enter this area! take the other door (you've taken the right door, you must take the left one, it's not too hard to find it.)