View Full Version : c3 rocks

29th Oct 2003, 03:47
first of all i'd like to tell you, c2 is my favorite game, i did all the missions countless time on all difficulty setting, i did the coop too, really a great game,
but after reading all the negatives reviews about c3, i was very concern, so first i tried the demo, and indeed a lot of things have changed, c3 is definitly not c2, and i have no problem with that,
had c3 been similar to c2, and a lot of people would have complained about eidos making extra cash by releasing a clone of a successfull game.
what ever they do, people still find something to complain about.

so my advise is forget all you've learned with c2, and play c3 like the brand new game it is.
once you get the hang of it, you cannot stop playing, wich bring me to the only big complain i have with this game,
it's way too SHORT, common, 12 missions +2 training, i finished the game in less than 20 hours over 3 days, most missions last no more than an hour, some of them even under 15 min.

i hope an expantion is coming soon either for c3 or c2, i don't care , i love both of them:p :p :p

ps: i did not have any problem with saving files like some did, but i only used f9 and f11